When Your Entire Life Is From Amazon| Adultish

So it’s no secret at all that California is one of the most expensive places to live. Expensive like a studio apartment where your neighbor sells crack is $900/ month. Moving out here I was 18 and going to live with my aunt and uncle rent free so I really didn’t even think about the cost of living. Even when I moved out and lived with my husband and we had a mortgage- I still didn’t think about how expensive it was because he made enough money and it wasn’t a concern. But then with the divorce and me moving out to rent a room- I was basically mind blown.

Thankfully- the place I moved into right after the divorce was furnished because I had ZERO money in my account. #DivorcedLife. BUT– where I just recently moved into was NOT furnished. I ended up searching Amazon for basically everything on my lunch breaks at work. I bought a bed that came in a box- that Vegas Friend helped me put together, as well as a bed frame that lets you have storage underneath and also makes it to where you don’t have to buy a box spring. Both of these were really affordable (other wise I would be sleeping on the floor!) and I like that whenever I do move next- neither one are too heavy for me to move. I do have a 9 cube storage thingy that I love, and a crap ton of fairy lights for ambiance. My pillows, comforter and even my keurig is from Amazon. I legit eat sleep and breathe amazon.

If there’s one thing about me it’s that I love to shop. Like it’s an actual issue and I probably need help it is what it is and I can stop anytime I want to. I have never been one to go to Nordstrom or (trying to think of another expensive store but I legit don’t know because I don’t go……) fancy stores. Ross/ Marshalls/ TJ Maxx/ Walmart- those are my JAM. But considering I didn’t start driving until I was 23, I couldn’t physically GO to those stores but once every now and again.

This is when my obsession with Amazon happened… I was at Ross one day and found the CUTEST pair of pointy toe flats NOT IN MY SIZE. Since I work at a University and walk around a lot- I am not about to wear heals. I looked the brand up on Amazon and they legit make every color imaginable and I own almost all of them now. Whooops! They are just cute, simple and comfortable and I get a surprising amount of compliments on them- and then “What? Really?!” when people find out where I got them. Hehe!

So once I knew that Amazon had most everything in the world I started to use it to my advantage. My depression medicine has one beautiful side effect- hair loss. YAY. So I went to Ulta upon recommendation. Now- here’s the thing about Ulta and I. I have never walked out of that store spending less that $300. It does not happen. It’s impossible. I legit can’t even go to the grocery store that’s in the same shopping center as Ulta because I do not trust myself. But I did go in that one day and bought Eprouvage shampooleave in, the serum and a mask. CHA-CHING. Only to realize that it’s CHEAPER on Amazon. I will say I have never been true to any shampoo/ conditioner- but this stuff is awesome. I have a good amount of my coworkers hooked on this because it smells so good. The serum in particular has helped my hair grow back. The leave in conditioner had me sold when I used it on BKs friends hair after swimming. Oh, and a bonus for you- if you love the Hempz lotion as much as I do- it’s stupidly cheaper on Amazon than in any other store I’ve ever seen.

But wait there’s more… I bought the CUTEST wireless mouse (in rose gold of course) for work and a (rose gold) mouse pad also (from Amazon duhhhh). The wired mouse I had only had a foot of wire that wasn’t tangled with every other wire and I was so close to smashing it against a wall everyday. And the metal mouse pad? Yeah- I kind of get freaked out that the fabric ones get all dirty and I like that I can lysol this.. Yes, I need help- I know.

And then maybe my favorite Amazon find is this retractable car charger thingy. It coils up so you don’t have an ugly cord just chilling and most people who ride in my car end up getting one because I tell them they can’t have mine. Lol.

I don’t know what it is with me and Amazon- but it’s probably one of my biggest life hacks ever. It’s convenient, most things are cheaper, you don’t lose receipts- AND. If you want to buy something but are waiting for it to go on sale- put it in your cart. Almost always about 3 days later it’s on sale.

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