6 Times Eckhart Tolle Made Me Lose My Mind And Question My Entire Life

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the book “The Power Of Now”, written by Eckhart Tolle. I hadn’t heard of it until Kayln Nicholson mentioned it in a few of her social media platforms, and on this video. I made mention to Ass Kicker/Mom one day about the book and a few hours later at her house- BOOM THE BOOK!

I am really enjoying the book. I wouldn’t call it a fast read simply because every sentence I am internalizing and trying to make it resonate with what my brain currently thinks.



I feel like there is only two things to do, like above. Either you leave situations that you are not happy with, or you accept it. Because staying in that situation is ridiculous. You either decide enough is enough and you change your physical place in that situation, or you work inwardly to accept the situation for what it is. But what sense would it make for a lion to be in an area with no food, when it could simply walk a bit and find food? Don’t make yourself a victim to circumstances, instead, be victorious.


You know that old saying “misery loves company”? Well, it’s true; misery loves misery! Think about this, if you are upset with something it’s almost nice to be upset and angry. For some reason deep down we like to feel full of emotion, regardless of if it is negative or positive. When someone makes you mad you tell your friend, and you gripe about it, harp on it for a few hours, maybe even start drama because of it. But why? The next time you are upset, don’t let that problem consume you, why would you give something so trivial the power to steal your joy? If you are consciously aware of what your mind is thinking versus what you know the truth to be you will catch yourself in this downward spiral.



Can I get an amen? Obviosly this entire book is about “NOW” hence the title, but this rings so true. If you don’t do something now, then you do it later… until you do something else later, and the first thing becomes never. Do not let things get away from you, from the now, because all there is, is NOW.


This plainly states the difference between learning from mistakes, and emotionally becoming consumed with them. Now, if I step on a cricket and accidentally kill it I will learn from that mistake to watch where I am walking. Boom, done. If I step on a cricket and I kill it and then I stay in bed for 6 days thinking about the baby crickets who no longer have a mom and how I am forever the cricket killer, that is a problem. I am giving into emotions and making more of a situation than what is, I am essentially, stealing from the now and feeding into psychological time where it is not edifying to myself, or my goals, it’s only hindering me, but remembering the concept above, providing a false feeling of comfort.


I mean…. mind blown. Here’s the thing, I believe that deep down we already have all the answers we are asking for, we just don’t know we do. Everything you need to know, you do! You’ve learned it in other situations or from other people, your soul screams it’s desires and you listen in ways you might not expect, but you already know everything- you just have to trust yourself.


This is the most mind blowing part in my opinion. If have depression or anxiety you know that little voice all too well. It just never shuts up! But that voice is not you, that’s just the voice. It’s not you. And you have the power to shut that voice off. Once you can grasp that concept in your mind, your entire life will change! I will agree that is a hard concept to grasp, especially because the voice in your head right now is saying “yeah right, you can’t do that”. But you can and I really think it’s the secret to accomplishing your goals or conquering fears.

So there you have it, I hope your mind is officially WTF-ed. Because mine is. But I couldn’t not share these things with you because I really think this book is 100% life changing and I am actually a little jelly I didn’t write it myself, to be honest.



**This blog contains a link that I could, potentially, make a few cents on. Know you don’t have to buy this book, but it does support Adultish, and besides me really appreciating it, I am happy to see how your life changes from this book as well. **

My Top 3 YouTubers I’m Obsessed With And You Should Be Too

Unfortunately to my productive side I seem to be one of those people who could watch YouTube for, literally, ever. I seem to like funny videos, how-to videos, informative videos- just give me them all. Some YouTube channels, but definitely not all of them, have made me more of a productive person. Then some, well, I am just a weirdo who likes to watch other peoples life I guess! If you want to get sucked in the rabbit hole of YouTube like me, here are my favorite people in no particular order!

Kalyn Nicholson. Idk- I mean what’s not to love. She’s Canadian, she is drop dead gorgeous, has an awesome feed, fantastic at Yoga, a vegan, she loves to read and be creative and she is all about being a positive light for others. She coined the term “GYST” that you have probably seen me write about here, and has the cutest little website, Koze.com, plus a blog. Oh, and Bentley. I don’t know how this girl keeps it together. She makes super honest videos about life, habits, being your best you, and she’s just a genuine YouTuber that doesn’t try and make things seem perfect (despite her looking perfect- does that even make sense?).

Aaryn Williams. I found her first a few years ago when I was married and, I can’t even lie, clicked on her video because I loved her hair. She was pregnant with her first daughter when I first started watching her videos and now has two little girls and just moved back to Texas- where I am from. She is such a sweet heart, so honest, and DANG that girl has some awesome style. Like, if I cared enough I would totally want to have her wardrobe, but I am over here with my usual clothes on with no intention of changing. Even though I am not a mom (hallelujah) I just think her channel is entertaining and it’s fun to see where life takes her and her family.

Vasseur Beauty/ Brittany Vasseur (Thomas) Holy Guacamole. I found Brittany YEARS ago when I was watching a DIY video and she came up in the suggested area. Her husband will come on at the end of her videos and do a funny little skit and I DIE every time. She does a lot of videos about cleaning, organization, life hacks, DIYs, ways to save money; there’s nothing not to love about her channel. She’s also in San Diego which, cough cough/wink wink, so am I! So you can be sure if we ever meet I will practically faint.

Even though I can waste so much time on YouTube I have also learned a lot of things! I give props to YouTubers. I do not have the brain capacity to learn how to edit and have awesome lighting.

I hope this list encourages you to be as obsessed as I am, just don’t get stuck down the YouTube rabbit hole like I did last night til 2am.