9 Things They Don’t Tell You | Adultish

In my short 24-ish years I have learned a lot of things I really wish someone would have told me (or at least warned me!). But I got to learn the way everyone else did, trial and error. Who knows, maybe if I knew these things years ago I would be 7ft tall and a millionaire (disclaimer- you will not be 7ft tall nor a millionaire).

  1. Your credit score can make or break your existence. Use Credit Karma and constantly check your score to see where it’s at and keep an eye out for if there is a sudden change. Do not have late payments, negatively closed accounts or outstanding balances on things. Your credit score impacts the homes you can buy/ rent, your interest on your vehicle, and basically if you’re allowed to breathe or not.
  2. The importance of servicing your car. There’s a reason to change your oil every 5,000 miles and to get your tires rotated- trust the process. When you neglect other things (annual dr visits/ taxes) the repercussions are always worse. Servicing your car is the exact same. Take care of that huge chunk of metal and it will take care of you.
  3. Keep your mouth closed. At work, at home, in mixed company- keeping your secrets secrets will only pay off in the end. Don’t over share about information you wouldn’t want the entire world to know, because a lot of times the entire world will end up knowing.
  4. How practical safes/ fireproof lock boxes are. You know, those big metal things people keep guns or money in. Get your self one of the small ones, just big enough for your personal documents like your social security card and passport type items. Start putting your spare cash in there too- you will be surprised how you won’t spend the money if you can’t see it.
  5. The importance and danger of credit cards. On the one hand credit cards are awesome for online purchases, building your credit and as an “oh shit” fund in case you popped a tire. On the other hand if you are not careful your credit cards can be the downfall of your credit score (see number one).
  6. You need to have car insurance, and health insurance. Health insurance since it’s the law, and smart in case you accidentally chop your arm off. Car insurance because why in the hell would you not have it. If you get in a wreck, your car is stolen, Godzillla smashes it to a million pieces- chances are you don’t have the funds to go out and buy a brand new car all over again.
  7. Learn to budget your money through an app, Dave Ramsey, or through YouTube videos about budgeting. Know what your account balance is at all times, and don’t make impulse buys.
  8. You will die if you don’t drink coffee. Okay, “die” might be a little strong. But really, I am nothing with out coffee.
  9. Invest in your 401k if you have one, or set up an alternative retirement savings. Even if you are only 20 and can only contribute 3% of your income- do it. Additionally, look into having savings automatically withdrawn from each paycheck into a savings you can’t touch- helpful for when Godzilla does smack down your car and you have to uber.


New Beginnings | Adultish


As most of you know I work at a University. Well every class has a ceremony of sorts to “prepare and guide” them for what is to come in their curriculum. This is an event that I get to organize and put together.

One of the things I love about this event is the excitement from the students. They dress up, their families come, tons of pictures and hype. The energy is awesome! And there are snacks- and let’s face it, maybe THAT is my favorite part. It makes reordering a stage and chairs, countless trips to the store, and 5 hours to set up seem worth it.

But it did get me thinking about how magical and uplifting new beginnings are. Take my divorce as an example. Sure, it sucked in the beginning, and sometimes it still does suck- but I have learned SO MUCH in that time. Everyday seems like a new beginning and a new adventure. Everyday seems like endless opportunities- because that’s how I choose to see it.

I think its so important to analyze where you are in your life, and take inventory of your happiness. There are always things to work on, or to strive towards. There are always new things on the horizon.

It’s taken me a long time to learn this. I used to think “woe is me and my life sucks… blah blah blah” and sometimes I still do because I am not a saint- but those times are few and far between. One of the most interesting things that I have done lately is purchased the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (well actually Vegas Friend bought it because he was already on Amazon when we talked about it). And guess what?? This book is actually pretty good!

Get this ” Everybody wants to feel good… Everybody wants that. It’s easy to want that. A more important question that people never consider is “what pain do you want in your life?” Mark Manson, the author, goes on to say that basically we all “want to be happy” but happiness doesn’t fall from the sky, and we aren’t willing to learn, or be uncomfortable in situations long enough for us to truly LEARN anything from them.

There are a lot of things that make me happy. BK, Vegas Friend, puppy cuddles- all of these things make me happy because I have learned to appreciate them. I appreciate Vegas Friend for all he his, and all the things that are different about him- I have grown to appreciate him because I know what it’s like to have someone who is not as sincere, or kind as him. I have learned to relish times of puppy cuddles since I left my dog in the divorce- now every cuddle seems that much more amazing.

Just like I know the students at that event were happy/ anxious/ and probably terrified at the same time- they will go on and learn amazing things. They will struggle with their new “normal” but they will learn so many life lessons. Just like we all do, everyday…

And my only piece of advice here is this… “It’s hell in the hallway”, and ice cream and chips always helps when you’re stuck in the hallway.


Happy Magnifying Divorce Day

I know, I know, so dramatic… But wowza watching the flowers pour in at work even the day before Valentine’s day got me all emotional… and pissed. And for reasons that I can’t even say I understand- yet here we are, emotional and pissed. Now the weirdest part of this is that it’s not like my husband really did a lot for me when it came to Valentine’s day, or even my birthday for that matter. So I shouldn’t be upset at all, it should really just be another day, another year of not getting something. BUT it just seems like everything is magnified and emotions are high and I just want to walk around with two middle fingers up all day. Too bad that’s not even in the realm of “Professional Behavior”.


Then people who I do tell about how I feel just say that Valentine’s Day just say that it’s “a made up holiday anyway, just don’t think about it”. But it’s not Valentine’s Day I hate, it’s just the reminder that at some point I was in love, and said vows promising to love someone till death do us part- or really until my husband just decided he wanted a divorce and BOOM, marriage over. OY!


But I will just swim in all the Celine Dion songs ever made, eat my own chocolate and wear pink anyway.


Oh, but F-U Valentines Day. J