How To Start And Grow Your Blog| Adultish

I have been asked many times not only how to start a blog, but also how *I* particularly started and grew Adultish. For those of you who don’t know Adultish was my post-divorce-quarter-life-crisis idea. And it’s turned into this!

The first thing to start off a blog the correct way is to figure out WHY you want to start it to begin with. You need to have a reason, something that sets your soul on fire or after two months you will be over it. For me that was easy- no one was really talking about divorce the way I was. It’s seemed too taboo and I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

Find a platform- when I started Adultish I knew of WordPress and that was the end of my search. I had heard of Blogger but could never remember my gmail account credentials and it really made the choice between WP and Blogger that much easier.

Interact with other people on the site. Like, comment, follow- grow meaningful relationships. Some of my now close friends I met because of having my blog.

Don’t take things too seriously. I have gotten my fair share of mean comments and that’s when you just deny the comment and move right along with your bad self.

Don’t upload a blog without a picture. I love using Pixabay because there are a lot of Tumblr-esque photos, all free.

Make sure you are using tags, and categories.

Personalize your site. Fill out all of the information WordPress let’s you. Update your “contact me” page and make sure when you click through your site ensuring you don’t find any dead ends.

Consider upgrading to WordPress Personal. It’s not as much of an expense as their Business plan and it.. well it’s just better! You have more room to publish, you have your own domain, zero ads and it really is worth the small price.

And my last bit of advice is to start a blog for the right reason. If you want to start a blog to get rich… I dunno, maybe get a second job instead. If you want to be famous fast then pull a 2007 Brittney Spears. People can tell if you’re not being true and genuine. These bloggers pour their heart and soul into their blogs for you to read them, communicate, help, inspire and uplift.

Starting Adultish has been so huge for me! I write a ton now, I am more open and honest and all of your feedback and advice is amazing to me. If you start a blog for the right reasons, you will never regret it.

To The Bloggers That Be| Featured Blogs| May Blog A Day

Herein lies my list of blogs I run to for humor, solace, life advice, and well… to be nosey.

When I first started my blog I really didn’t know what I was doing at all and I just wanted to speak my mind about more taboo subjects. In 7 months I have just shy of 200 followers and a whole new group of friends because of it. So, here’s to you for reading, comment, liking and following.

You’re the real MVP.

Julie Cares

She’s one of the most genuine bloggers I know, so nice and very engaged with commenting and giving back. Also, super active on IG. We joke about meet ups and being intoxicated. Watch out world.

Andrea Joy over at Saving Joyfully

-She has some really great ideas on saving, cheap things to do, and tons of blogs on birthday discounts. She also may or may not be the reason I am dying to buy a nespresso machine. OOPS!

Shanda on My Anxious Heart.

We “met” in an online “Young Wives” group… you know, when I was still married. Though I’m not in that group anymore I do love to keep up with some of the girls I knew. Shanda was born with a heart condition and has some lovely anxiety (hints the blog name, Anxious Heart). She’s a newly wed, and a total sweet heart.

Alys at Alys Journals 

She is one of my newest finds but has SO MANY BLOGS and a huge following. She writes about anxiety, things she’s learned in her twenties (hi, yes can you download straight into my brain) and has some really awesome blogging tips I am not get qualified to write about.

Jacque on SheDesignedALifeSheLovedHTX

We are actual real life friends and have way more in common than what you want to know. She is allll about traveling, fashion, being the cutest blonde of life and just a down right awesome human. You my faveeee.

Do yourself a favor and check out these blogs, save yourself some money, ooh and ahh over someone elses vacay, and remember to pay it forward. Since we are talking of paying it forward I want to pick YOUR brain. For the whole month of May I will be posting everyday. Let’s call it- May Blog A Day (because I’m not the most creative person). This means I will be collabing with YOU and your favorite blogs. Let’s interview you, collab, meet at Starbys and wreak havoc.

Ways to Collab

  • Email me over at
  • Comment on this blog and let me know!
  • Join me on May Blog A Day

Or don’t and be a rebel- whatevs.