I Blogged 31 Days Straight| Adultish

Well, Fam. We made it. 31 blogs all in May Blog A Day and I’m pretty impressed with myself for writing them, and all of your loving support! We hit some great milestones this month with Adultish, more featured blogs, reblogs, over 1,000 likes AND Adultish grew by 60 amazing people!

I am floored by the constant support and love you all pour in to my blog, and how some of you guys have even followed me along the way to my vacation and given Vegas Friend and I ideas of things to do.

Now I am not going to lie, this was a little hard to do at times. Having a blog post go up every single morning without fail while juggling work, being in Cancun, on vacation- I learned a LOT!

I was really able to truly work on Adultish for a month straight.

I was able to see how much Vegas Friend supports Adultish by his patience to go to the one restaurant with service to publish blogs and respond to comments.

I learned my blog would only be half as cool if it weren’t for Vegas Friend and all the pictures he took.

But mostly I learned a lot about you guys! Having everyday interactions with you all introduced me to some amazing people.

:Nicculent: Brutal Honesty. Lots of it. You guys should already know I am in love with this blog based on the name alone. I love her writing style and, well, homegirls honest AF! It’s so refreshing to read something you can relate to on such a personal, and humorous level.

Cherishing Flo– So I feel like if Adultish had a younger sister, it would be this blog. She’s real, funny, sweet, totally relatable. Yeah. Adultish’s younger sis for sure.

Damn Girl, or DYGYST. Okay, if you don’t know about Damn Girl, then DAMN GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING. She’s basically blog witchcraft. She grew her blog so stinking quick, she’s hysterical, we have a somewhat similar shitty upbringing (I actually think she wins the race there) and her advise is spot on.

You guys know I am all about paying it forward to the bloggers that have inspired and supported me. But I also want to remain that platform for funny, uplifting, motivating and relatable blogs- and I think you will find that in these blogs as well.

Happy blog binging!

19 Thoughts My Freak Self Has Every Day

From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep (and wake up and fall asleep… ) my mind goes non stop! Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts are even normal. Does everyone sing a song to their coffee in the morning? Regardless, I will let you be the judge of how “rational” my thoughts actually are. Let day two of May Blog A Day commence. Enjoy!

Oh my god. Why do I always set my alarm so much earlier than what I really need? Snooze.

Ugh. Okay I’ve hit snooze 6 times. Must awaken the beast.

Okay life problem. Should I make my bed and then pee, or pee then make my bed? OR- get coffee, pee, then make bed. Maybe I just won’t make my bed.

Whats the limit of days allowed to use dry shampoo? Is two too many? Mental note- buy more dry shampoo.

IF I wore leggings today, would my boss notice? Okay, even if they noticed would I get fired?

Hmmm.. Has anyone ever been fired over leggings? I could make history!

Crap. One eyebrow looks fab, the other looks like a caterpillar. Oh well, sisters not twins.

If I leave now I won’t be late. Oh, right, still naked.

How come car heaters aren’t instant. I am going to freeze to death.

My skin is going to melt off. Always putting the heater up to the highest level. When will I learn.

Wow. I have answered all my emails, did that one project, solved world hunger probably lunch time.

WTF. It’s only 9:17.

Did I pee this morning?

Today’s the day I start drinking 7 cups of water a day. “I think if I really applied myself I could be a totally changed person by noon”. Hah. Maybe tomorrow.

Better pack up to go home. Holy crap how many cups are on my desk.

FREEDOM! Well, I still have to come back tomorrow. BUT only if I want to pay my bills… I’ll decide later.

Shower tiiiiiiime. But will I wash my hair. How much dry shampoo do I have left?

Crap I am tired. I really hope I sleep tonight.

It’s 3:02 am. I guess I will not be sleeping tonight.