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Adultish will be a year old in September and I am pretty excited for her birthday! In essence, I have a one year old. I spend a lot of time checking in on Adultish, cleaning her, feeding her new blogs, interacting with her through all of you guys… A blog is a commitment- at least if you want to do it right! And chances are, if you stumbled across this blog you too want to do it right! Kudos to you for doing some research, you’re ahead of the game!

1. Find a few blogs to follow that you consider to be inspiration. Personally for me this is a toss up between Damn Girl, and Kalyn Nicholson’s entire life. To do this, search for any like minded people in the Discover area and sort by DATE not by relevance. Apparently (learned this through research) the first hour your blog is live is super important. Being able to find other peoples blogs will give you a community to talk with but also it also gives you fresh perspectives on how to live your own life or things that you might want to implement.

2. Invest in your blog. I will always recommend investing in what you believe in. Invest time, invest money in books, money for a cute blogging atmosphere, and of course money for COFFEE. Cause you will need lots of it. Think about it like a class, you need to study, do some research, and spend some time digging deeper so that you can get the full picture. Blogging is the same way and if you want something you have to work for it.

3. Find your niche. Find the one thing that sets you apart from other people, and be unapologetically you about it. This could mean that you are a feminist, a straight laced Christian, or a divorced 24 year old who loves Jack and Coke and the F word (but also puppies). You don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea- but you do need to be true to yourself.

4. Take a ton of photos! This is something I don’t usually do unless I am on vacation, but your readers want to see what you’re up to, and a picture is worth a thousand words (words you don’t have to type).Take outfit photos when you’re amazed at your style skills and take photos of your disaster room and show the world because that’s YOU being YOU and that’s exactly what people want to see.

5. Pay it forward. I will always be one to feature other bloggers on my blog because if I love them, I know you will too! Featuring other bloggers is a way to cross followers and build your own following while helping a friend out as well. I read a lot of other blogs and it helps me become a better person. Maybe I can tell you How To Kick Anxieties Ass, but another blogger can tell you About Anxiety to begin with. We all work together and each of us are able to speak to different people, on different levels, about different things. You sharing a blogger might be the way someone learns about dealing with depression, or having a positive mindset.

6. Let people know what you’re doing! Vegas Friend was completely unaware that blogging was an actual thing… and now he takes 99% of the photos you see. My friends read my blog and some even share them. It’s nice to have support. It’s also nice for friends to read a blog and get a download of your life and stay in touch. When you are on your blogging platform, go back to the search tool and look for blogs like yours- comment something true and authentic and lead them back to your blog! I have found that people who are true and authentic are always ones I feel comfortable reading.

Above all, remember to love what you are doing and be passionate about your blog. Readers sense fake people, and nobody likes a fake person! Once I truly opened up on my Coffee Catch Ups I was greeted with a lot of compassion and “omg, me too!” comments. It was nice to let the guard down and just be real about my current life happenings. I hope these things were helpful to you and that you (at least) implement one of these items into your blogging goals.


5 thoughts on “6 Ways To Get Serious About Blogging| Adultish

  1. I disagree that finding a “Niche” really does anything for you for one reason: If the point of Niche Blogging is limiting the number of subjects you blog about in order to maintain some sort of topic coherency (as is usually stated is the case)? Niches aren’t actually required at all.

    There’s more ways to achieve topic coherency without relying on a Niche- something Niche Blogging ignores. And ironically? The main force behind topic coherency isn’t picking a single topic (or a set of related but limited topics) and never deviating from it… It’s understanding who it is you want to connect with in the first place, what you want to write about, and how you want to write about it.

    The rest of it is learning how to connect the dots and weave those topics into a cohesive narrative that makes them seem related, even if they’re not… And that’s a skill learned. It’s not one Niche Blogging will help you learn, either; if Niche Blogging does anything, it’s prevent you from learning that skill, because you’re rarely (if ever) deviating from a defined set of topics that are traditionally already related in the first place.

    That’s not to say I’m against Niche Blogging entirely; if you wind up with a Niche or you can make it work for you, that’s great! But it’s not something I [personally think bloggers NEED in order to be taken seriously- nor that it should be.

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    1. I have to say I agree! I think it might be “easier” to have a specific topic, like fashion, finance, parenting… and that’s stats might be higher- but my blog is all over the place with a large “niche” of how to live. 😂

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  2. Great tips! Although I’m now having trouble with my “niche” , since now traveling is not my daily basis, I had to implement other topics not related to travel and I’m so scared that readers may not like it😣.

    ~ Happy One year! ~

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