My Thoughts on Sexual Abuse and Early Release

Here we go, the blog post I never thought I would write is being written.

So the other day I was leaving the grocery store and one of those people who stalks unaware costumers to sign petitions to legalize marijuana and sign up for alien invasions was there. I do my usual “please God don’t talk to me, or look at me or think about talking or looking at me” fast walk to my car. Then he says “sign this petition to stop sexual predators from getting early release”.

And let’s just take a break right there and remember my blog posts all about that topic.

I felt like I stopped in my tracks, like I forgot how to move my feet because I was so torn on turning around and asking what the hell is wrong with him, and also wanting to educate him on what a sensitive topic he is just flippantly spewing words at.

The thing is, I was a victim of “a sexual predator” (ehw). I endured someone elses freak desires and lived that life as a child. And then I grew up and went to the grocery store where some random guy is yelling a public reminder out to me and the whole world.

Here’s the thing. Sexual abuse/ rape/ child indecency- they are all extremely sensitive subjects, they already have a stigma towards them that doesn’t need more inflating. Dealing with the sentencing, imprisionment and parole hearings is an entire process. I don’t need someone at walmart chiming in their two cents.

What is more disturbing to me than absolutely everything is the seed that was planted in our heads long ago.

You see, I could really care less how *other people* feel about individuals getting out of prison. But the man at the grocery store insinuating that one thing was right, and one thing was wrong was infuriating. It’s not a random by-standards choice who gets out of prison, it’s not even the victims. It’s a whole entire process of judges, committees, counselors and a slew of other people.

Maybe I will just start my own petition that stops people from spewing “sexual predator” on the side of the grocery store where 3 year olds hear and question “Mommy.. what’s a predator?”

I digress.

Point is- you don’t know about another persons struggle. Many people think I am crazy for being happy (let’s call it content, happy sounds weird) Sperm Donor was released. But it was okay for ME. But it might not be okay for another victim, they might not be ready for that reality yet. And that’s okay. The point is there shouldn’t be a petition to begin with- this isn’t about some ass hat trying to get X amount of signatures. This is about correction, re-facilitating people, and time to heal.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Sexual Abuse and Early Release

  1. I also felt okay when the man who abused me was released. In fact they asked me in court if I wanted to go for the maximum sentence and I said no. This isn’t a popular opinion but SOME people who abuse others werre broken and abused themselves and need help and rehabilitation and I feel if they get that help and work through their issues they may deserve another shot at life. It is a case by case basis and I feel some need to stay in prison, but I also think it’s absurd to go to a public place and blatantly walk up to strangers and ask them to sign something like that. What if you were a broken person who was JUST assaulted. That could trigger a mental breakdown and I’ve seen that happen. It is not okay to do that to strangers in a public area.

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