Minimalism Tips To Follow

I am so fascinated by the idea of minimalism. And while I am nowhere near a complete minimalist, I really appreciate the concept of having less stuff, and less clutter. I do live in a pretty small apartment so I might be more “forced” into minimalism than most, but hey, let’s make the most of it and get on with the tips.

The one touch rule- when you come home put your jacket away in that moment. Don’t put it on the couch just to pick it up again and put it away, or move it to sit. Tell yourself “one touch” and just put it away. This will help your home look cleaner too- you’re welcome.

Have a spot for everything. Life is a lot easier if everything has a home, and everything is in it’s home. It’s also a lot easier to tell other people where things go if you KNOW where they undoubtedly go as well. This will help you not accidentally buy 3 pair of scissors because you don’t know where they went- they should be in their home.

One in, one out policy- adopt this policy when you buy new things. If you want a new pair of shoes- GREAT! Buy them, but get rid of another pair of shoes. We only have 2 feet and a handful of outfits we wear anyway- do you really need 756 pairs?

Regularly access your belongings- this is helpful for many reasons, mostly so you don’t buy crap you already have, but also because you will find you have things that will work in lieu of buying other things.

Have a donation bin readily available- I am a strong believer in donating, probably because Good Will is my jam. If you have a place to put items you wish to donate, you will be more likely to donate even more things!

I am no where near an extreme minimalist, but I am a realist. If you implement these tips you will find yourself not just with less stuff, but with MORE money- and who doesn’t want that?





One thought on “Minimalism Tips To Follow

  1. These are good tips and there’s actually a lot of things I need to get rid of clothes wise. I now have a roommate and so I don’t have as much room in my apartment as I used to which makes things a little frustrating.

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