Chichen Itza, Human Sacrifices, And I Almost Died

Vegas Friend and I took a small private tour to Chichen Itza (which we called chicken pizza). We met up with two couples, one from Dallas, and one from just outside London. Dallas Friends, Steve Jobs (not the actual Steve Jobs, duhhh) and Hannah Montana who had been to Mexico 4 times before! Our London Friends, let’s call them Adele and Vanilla Ice, were an absolute hoot. Younger than me but finally stable enough for the airfare and all inclusive resorts- they were gems.

We had quite the early start, waking up at 5:15, taking a taxi to the ferry, ferry to the first private car, then to the second private car to pick up our London Friends. We were met on the second ride by our Dallas Friends- celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary and the nicest people of life

I am not a person to socialize just because well…. I’m the most anxious person of life but Vegas Friend made small talk quite soon- so I had no choice. My rational mind knew that this was smart since we would be spending 12 hours with these humans. We ended up talking A LOT. About schools we went to, our jobs, families, marriage, divorce, kids- everything! By time our almost 3 hour ride to Chicken Pizza was over we were all pretty comfortable with each other.

Adele, and I basically died on the trip. It was so incredibly hot, and humid, and someone was making these jaguar calls and freaking us out. It got to a point where we were questioning if we would make it out alive.

Speaking of alive, our tour guide took us right by a Cenote… conveniently located by an altar. He proceeded to tell us that right down that Cenote were hundreds of bodies from a long time ago. Human Sacrifices to the Mayan Gods. Adele and I were shook.

Fast forward to when we got to swim in one of the Cenotes (not the dead body one). Hannah Montana and I were FREEZING to death in a cave that could collapse and had a depth of 150 feet! We treaded water for as long as possible then got a little freaked thinking about how we wouldn’t be able to touch the bottom if we needed a break so went on over to the ropes for a bit of a reprieve.

This trip was so incredibly fun. Poor Adele was incredibly sunburned and Hannah Montana and I were exhausted. We laughed about cultural differences, the colloquialism differences and how Americans only ever talk about food.

If I were to recommend anything it would be to bring snacks, a water bottle to spray your body to cool down, an umbrella to shade the sun- and always speak to your tour buddies. So much fun!

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