Cancun Days 1 and 2 | Adultish

We meet again sunburn and vodka. I have missed you so. A vacation was long over due- so it makes a little sense if we went overboard on this one… overboard as in a picture every thirty-two seconds. Let’s recap-

First we took a ferry ride to the island. Immediately upon stepping out of the airport my jacket came off. So incredibly beautiful… and hot and muggy.

This was our hotel. Hiiiiiiiii. We wanted an ocean front view. Safe to say they delivered. There were birds nesting outside our place on the beach, a magnificent breeze and the most relaxing sound of crashing waves. Yes. Please.

We couldn’t check into our hotel until three so we (I) drank and took a nap on a swing bed that overlooked the ocean.

The beach there was unbelievable. So incredibly beautiful. Growing up in Texas and going to Galveston Beach set my expectations for beaches quite low and I was in awe.

When the hotel found out it was my birthday I got a cute gift and some chocolate goodies that I ate right after we got into the hotel, showered, and napped. Exhaustion was an understatement.

We stayed at an all inclusive, Mia Reef in Isla Mujeres and the coffee was divine. No creamer needed. I worked on a ton of blogs (this one) and caught up on social media while sipping my coffee and eating pancakes. #American

For a before dinner snack we ventured to Cevicheria Amador and had some ridiculously delicious shrimp tacos. Just watch out for that Chipotle Sauce because it will make you cry for your mama.

Then some drunk guy spilled his beer down my white dress and Vegas Friend asked if he’d like me to kick his ass. That pretty much ended the PG version of days one and two.

Stay tuned mi amigos!

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