How To Survive On A Plane | Adultish

I am not one to blatantly complain (who am I kidding, yes I am). However, long flights have to be my absolute DEMISE. Recirculated air, wearing a seatbelt for hours on end and cups of water the size of a shot glass. I researched long and hard to make sure I would be sufficiently prepared for my trip- and boy I am glad I did!

Socks and a blanket were my token items. Two plane changes to and from, so a total of four boardings- each time I reached for socks and a blanket. I am also constantly cold, so maybe take the blanket as merely a suggestion.

I could not have survived if it weren’t for my iPad. Secret- writing this on the plane now as some stinky person is ripping farts right and left; gag. We watched movies, played solitaire, I worked on a ton of blog posts, listened to music- totally worth it.

Snacks Snacks Snacks. Did I mention snacks? They pass the time, keep you from getting hangry and hey, who doesn’t like chocolate.

Be comfortable. I wore leggings, flip flops, a camisole, T-shirt and had a zip up hoodie. This worked really well for me since I was really cold in the airports and got pretty warm towards the end of the flight. I was able to take my T-shirt off when I got too hot and instead wore my cami and jacket. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Pack for practicality. Make sure you know exactly which pocket your headphones, chapstick and socks are in. It’s uncomfortable enough to be on a plane and crouching down to get things, save yourself the trouble at know where things are.

Last but never least- know that you will eventually get off that plane. Sure, everyone stinks and it’s hot, you have to pee and hate public bathrooms (oh, right that’s me)… your flight will be over eventually and you will get to use normal restrooms and not be subjected to other peoples ass gas.

Keeping it real here.

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