9 Things I Learned In The TJ Airport | Cancun 9

On our adventure to Cancun we decided to fly out of Tijuana Airport. Getting there was really easy, tons of signs to make sure people who are white as white don’t get lost. We checked our luggage, I got my first passport stamp and we were good to go! Now the key word for this trip was definitely ADVENTURE. Quickly we were immersed in a whole new world where we understood literally nothing.

You become grateful when other people know how to speak English. Because you can not order a coffee, find the bathroom, or your terminal when you’re in a country that does not use your home language.

Not all toilets are the same. The toilet in the TJ airport had a foot flush…. I am not exaggerating when I say it took me about a solid 3 minutes to figure that one out. But they may have the upper hand here as it is more sanitary. Just wear shoes.

There is no airport security like TSA in TJ. I didn’t even have to take my shoes off! Vegas Friend was fortunate enough to get a pat down by a quite handsome senior. No seriously, he got felt up. “He just copped a feel… I feel violated… and a little disappointed.”

Un cafe con leche- coffee with cream. My first somewhat sentence in Spanish I used repeatedly thanks to an emergency text to my coworker.

Pesos to US dollars exchange rate… When something says 39.40- its actually 2 USD. Not 39.40 for a pack of gum.

I must look like the whitest person ever- or like a unicorn because I got a lot of stares and inquisitive looks.

Starbucks is the EXACT same in other countries. You go Bowker, Baldwin and Siegl.

In the middle of immigration check is not the time to forget all about the three years of Spanish you learned in high school.

Life really IS an adventure. And I love traveling so much. It opens your mind and allows you to have new experiences, even if you don’t understand anything and can’t find the bathroom.

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