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Then it’s my birthday! Which also means I have officially posted one blog everyday for the past 16 days! Oh. And, I’m in Cancun with Vegas Friend! Now seeing how this blog and many others are prescheduled because one, I am a planner, and two- international cell phone coverage is EXPENSIVE- this will not be the blog filled with bikini photos and Vegas Friend selfies.

I know- I am disappointed too. But this will be the blog where we play catch up after 16 blogs of me listing cool things and telling you how to live your life. So in no order at all- here we go!

I broke the crap out of my nail. Like I barely even have a finger now because of it. Ugh.

Vegas Friend got a hot tub and I am one more dip away from becoming boiled human. Ahhhh- relaxing.

True story- in attempts not to burn in the Cancun sun I went to the lightest tanning bed ever to try and get a smidge of a tan and now my butt is sunburned.

I packed an umbrella, rain jacket and rain boots for Cancun. Because there is over 90% chance of thunderstorms throughout our entire stay.

One day last week I deeply considered quitting my job. But I walked down the hall and grabbed some chocolate and took my bestie for a walk instead. All is well.

I have kept my place stupidly clean for the past three weeks. How? Legit no clue. Stress, waking up on time… and I guess putting things away as you use them really is important!

I accidentally bought a Clinique foundation brush for $39 dollars. Yes, accidentally. PS. It sucks.

BK helped make a dessert involving marshmallow fluff. She used two entire containers and then had it in her hair and on her elbow. What?

I was bamboozled by Vegas Friends family at dinner a few nights ago. I thought we were going to dinner because his sister was in town but nope. In comes his sister with a balloon and Vegas Friend pulls out the most obnoxious birthday hat of life. That I had to wear. The entire time.

I hope things are well with you, too! Be ready for lots of rainy Cancun photos when I am back.

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