An Open Letter To My Teenage Self | Adultish

Right now you think you know everything but you totally don’t, and the blue eye liner you wear on the daily is proof of that. Even when you are 24 you will still be lost AF. I know you can’t even imagine this, but once you graduate high school you will never talk to those people again. Maybe 3 or 4 people will stand the test of time.

When you turn 18 you’re going to get a credit card, and it’ll be the worst mistake you’ve ever made.

Your first love will not be your last, and it won’t compare anything to your next. Fake friends are everywhere, but stick it out for the real ones. And no, Stacy isn’t the real one.

Say sorry to Kayla and Victoria, they will say sorry too and when you’re older you will still talk.

Let Jacque know that everything is going to be okay.

Tell Jacob and Kelly that in 8 years time that they will have twins, crazy I know they are going to freak.

Don’t worry too much about which colleges you will get in to them (all 5 you applied to be exact, and 3 of which were your top choices) because you don’t go to any and move to California instead.

Don’t downplay your home life just because you’re scared, tell Mrs. Roark that shit is real.

Say all the nice things and go on all the college tours with Granny because one day you’ll come home from school and learn she’s had a stroke. Stay late at the hospital with her as much as you can.

Be careful who you trust. Not everyone is safe and has your best interest in mind.

Know that at some point things get easier, and harder, then easier… then harder.

Remember your worth and that you are incredibly smart.

Remember that everything happens for a reason. I know you want to be a grown up already but it’s so expensive, so maybe wait on that.

Move to California, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Never apologize for how you feel. Know you will burn bridges, and honestly, just let them burn.

Know that first impressions are so important.

Know that you are not what happened to you.

Know that  you can do anything.

Know that hindsight is 20/20.



5 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Teenage Self | Adultish

  1. This was very moving. I really wish I could speak to my teenage self and say things like this. If only if only. You were very open and honest which just makes it all the more real. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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