How To Be A Morning Person | Adultish

I used to always think that you were born a morning person….

Or you weren’t.

But somewhere along the way I felt like I really just needed more hours in the day. Knowing there was no actual way to make this happened I realized waking up earlier than need be could score me a few extra hours in the day! This was not exactly an “easy” thing to do though. Many trail and error experiments and cuss words along the way. Now waking up early (sometimes to my dismay) is second nature to me. So here are my tried and true tips and tricks.

Reward yourself. My reward is coffee. It is the single most important thing to me (sad, I know) and that first sip tastes like heaven with a splash of hopes and dreams. Even if you don’t like coffee, you can still reward yourself. Take an extra long shower. Make yourself a delicious breakfast with all of your new found time. Watch the sunrise- reward enough.

The moment your alarm rings slap it shut. Then when you think about resetting it for a later time or scheduling the snooze option think of all the things that you could be doing if you woke up right now. Wasn’t there a reason you needed to get up early this morning? Are you sacrificing making your lunch for an extra ten minutes of sleep?

Wake up to your favorite radio station or song. I know this might seem silly but I LOVE music and it really motivates me. Sometimes I will just turn on some Celine Dion (because if you didn’t know already I am totally obsessed). True story- a few days ago I belted Celine in my car so loud that I had a physical injury. #SorryNotSorry

Go to sleep earlier. This might sound counterintuitive to “gaining” time, but personally I have the IQ of a vegetable past 8pm and I am useless anyway. Don’t go to sleep at midnight every night and expect your body to not be pissed when you wake it up 5 hours later. Don’t be a jerk to yourself, that’s just wrong.

Have a coffee date. If you skype with a friend in the morning before work, or go meet up with your bestie- you’re less likely to bail on them and you’ll actually get up!

And finally my last token of wisdom is this: weigh it out. Are you accomplishing everything you need to in a day? Are you always late and not put together? Rule number one of being an adult is not to actually have your shit together (impossible) but to strive towards it.

Wishing you luck and caffeine on your newest adventures into becoming a morning person. Adultish tip- Costco has LARGE boxes of coffee and creamer. You. Are. Welcome.

6 thoughts on “How To Be A Morning Person | Adultish

  1. Honestly though I completely relate because coffee is also the most important thing to me! It is sad, but it is literally what gets me out of bed in the morning. I have to start experimenting with things to get my boyfriend to be a morning person like me lol. Great post!

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  2. Reading this, I hope to absorb some of your positive attitude since I have to wake up extra early tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. I love coffee but I prefer to only drink it when I can sip it slowly at my own pace. The mornings where I only have enough time to scarf down a meager breakfast before hitting the road, I find it’s hard to hold down much food without feeling queasy. The sleep factor can be difficult. It really depends on the situation. I do have trouble falling asleep if I am worrying about what I have to do tomorrow morning. The ridiculous part is I worry even if it’s something I am looking forward to doing.

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