My Everyday 7 Minute Makeup| Wait, what?

I’ve talked about sex, divorce, Bonus Kids, tarot cards- a lot of randomness on my blog. But I have never once talked about makeup. You know why? Because I seriously don’t care. I mean, I care- I love a good coverage foundation- but that’s basically it. I am not like most girls who can spend hours getting ready. Maybe I am just lucky and I know what works for me, or the more likely scenario, is I am just lazy and do the bare minimum. I debated long and hard on if I wanted to write a blog even somewhat beauty related because that’s not what Adultish is about.

But then I thought about the fact that, yeah, being put together is kind of important. I feel like being able to get ready quick, and decently could be a part of Adultish simply because I have a few hacks, and eye opening realizations that have helped.

PSA- I’m not qualified to write this, but that’s the beauty of having a blog; there are no disqualifications!

So in the mornings I actually shower, wash and do my hair, get dressed, brush my teeth, drink my coffee and put makeup on all in ONE hour. I know that to some maybe that seems absurd. But I think it’s absurd to spend 3 hours getting ready so we are even.


Showering only takes maybe ten minutes. How much can you actually do in the shower? Get in, wash your hair, rinse, and stick conditioner in. Move to washing your body (I don’t usually shave during morning showers) while your conditioner is in your hair. Then wash your face and rinse conditioner out- done!! Ten minutes- or probably six because I am pretty good at my routine now. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to shower, even if you are shaving (unless your shaving your whole body, then take as much time as you want). A lot of time can be wasted thinking in the shower, or enjoying the hot water, or day dreaming. All of these things are totally fine (and awesome), but keep them reserved for night or weekend showers.


I dry off and  brush through my hair then get dressed. Always helpful to have your clothes picked out the night before. I move on to make up and gathering my stuff together for the day while my hair is still wet. This just let’s my hair air dry a bit and cuts down on the blow dryer. Now I will say that I am pretty lucky- my hair blow drys straight (enough) when I blow it dry with a brush and usually that’s all I do.

Now I can legit do my make up in under 7 minutes. I actually timed it this morning. Here’s the run down of my favorite things and the order I use them.

First I put on Cliniques Moisture Surge. This is one of my favorite products from Clinique and it just works really well for me under my make up. Since I do struggle with acne and use drying products at night my makeup can look kind of cakey if I skip this step.

For foundation I mix two things together since I am whiter than white. I use the entire Clinique line since one, they have an acne line for makeup and two, this foundation contains SPF and my ghost self likes all the SPF I can get. I use the Super Balanced Silk foundation with SPF 15- this doesn’t have the coverage I like so I mix in a drop of the Blend It Yourself pigment drops. I use a cheapo Real Techniques Expert Face Brush just because I think it’s quicker, cheaper, and better than a beauty blender. Plus much easier to clean in my experience. This brings us to our 2 minute 30 second mark (remember when i said I timed this). I “set”my face with Cliniques translucent setting powder and some $10 Ulta brush I bought with a coupon #winning (is it setting? Idk I just use this stuff cause it makes my face less shiny throughout the day) .

Then I do my eyebrows- I draw a line underneath, then the tail, draw the top line then fill in. I am not really one of those crazy brow girls, so long as it looks like I have them I am happy. I use L’Oreals Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil (wow that’s a long name).

I haphazardly slap on Venus from the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet I got like 3 years ago for Christmas all over my lid, and since I am super fair I use Foxy in my crease. This takes just a few seconds because I am not trying to be Jaclyn Hill here (cause if I was I would be failing).


I put on the smallest amount of blush with Milanis Baked Blush in Berry Amore and then I use Wet N Wilds Mega Glow Highlighting Powder in “Blossom Glow”.

Mascara is my LEAST favorite since it takes FOREVER- L’oreals Voluminous Million Lashes in black.

And yeah, somehow that takes me six and a half minutes. I stick some earrings on, spray perfume on my way out of the door and viola! While I don’t think that make up is really that important it really can be the difference of looking like your half dead or totes put together. It’s like the best little trick money can buy without selling your soul.

If I know I want to curl my hair I will usually shower at night so I can save some heat and some time. I try to set my clothes out at night. I actually have two separate closets, and I keep the majority of things I wear to work in one closet my the bathroom- that way I can just grab and go. Also, if you’ve read my blog about my shoes you know I have these basic flats in like every color, which really helps so I can wear all black and a cute shoe and feel less like a disaster and more like a civilized human.


So that’s it folks- that’s all I do. I am pretty basic and I don’t go too over the top- even if I were to go somewhere fancy or on a date I would still apply the same make up- it just works for me!

Be sure to check out the other blogs in my May Blog A Day series, and if you have any awesome tips or tricks to getting ready let a girl know!

Sincerely, one Clinique obsessed girl just trying to make it look like I know what I am doing.






3 thoughts on “My Everyday 7 Minute Makeup| Wait, what?

  1. Lol I legitimately was expecting a picture of you in your makeup but all the memes were cracking me up 😂😂. Honestly I do the full face make up some days, just mascara and lipstick some days, and then bare faced other days. It literally depends on how fab or not fab I’m feeling that day. And it takes me about an hour and half to get ready. Mainly because I can NEVER decide on what to wear. Even if I pick it the night before, the next day I end up changing my mind about the outfit 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ great post!

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