My Top 3 YouTubers I’m Obsessed With And You Should Be Too

Unfortunately to my productive side I seem to be one of those people who could watch YouTube for, literally, ever. I seem to like funny videos, how-to videos, informative videos- just give me them all. Some YouTube channels, but definitely not all of them, have made me more of a productive person. Then some, well, I am just a weirdo who likes to watch other peoples life I guess! If you want to get sucked in the rabbit hole of YouTube like me, here are my favorite people in no particular order!

Kalyn Nicholson. Idk- I mean what’s not to love. She’s Canadian, she is drop dead gorgeous, has an awesome feed, fantastic at Yoga, a vegan, she loves to read and be creative and she is all about being a positive light for others. She coined the term “GYST” that you have probably seen me write about here, and has the cutest little website,, plus a blog. Oh, and Bentley. I don’t know how this girl keeps it together. She makes super honest videos about life, habits, being your best you, and she’s just a genuine YouTuber that doesn’t try and make things seem perfect (despite her looking perfect- does that even make sense?).

Aaryn Williams. I found her first a few years ago when I was married and, I can’t even lie, clicked on her video because I loved her hair. She was pregnant with her first daughter when I first started watching her videos and now has two little girls and just moved back to Texas- where I am from. She is such a sweet heart, so honest, and DANG that girl has some awesome style. Like, if I cared enough I would totally want to have her wardrobe, but I am over here with my usual clothes on with no intention of changing. Even though I am not a mom (hallelujah) I just think her channel is entertaining and it’s fun to see where life takes her and her family.

Vasseur Beauty/ Brittany Vasseur (Thomas) Holy Guacamole. I found Brittany YEARS ago when I was watching a DIY video and she came up in the suggested area. Her husband will come on at the end of her videos and do a funny little skit and I DIE every time. She does a lot of videos about cleaning, organization, life hacks, DIYs, ways to save money; there’s nothing not to love about her channel. She’s also in San Diego which, cough cough/wink wink, so am I! So you can be sure if we ever meet I will practically faint.

Even though I can waste so much time on YouTube I have also learned a lot of things! I give props to YouTubers. I do not have the brain capacity to learn how to edit and have awesome lighting.

I hope this list encourages you to be as obsessed as I am, just don’t get stuck down the YouTube rabbit hole like I did last night til 2am.


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