Let’s Talk About Sex | Adultish

Honestly I can’t believe I am writing about this. I am a pretty modest person and I never air uber personal information about my “intimate life”. Yet here we are.

One thing that I don’t think people ever talk about is how sex is a GOOD thing. Let’s forget about marriage, gender, age, religion- forget about all of the rules. The common denominator of sex (regardless of if you’re married, gay, or dating someone of a different age) is that sex is the same- GOOD! And if it wasn’t good we wouldn’t be so obsessed about it.

Growing up I was taught that sex is only something that should happen between two married people. And I am not here to comment because that is one debate I do not want to dive into. But what I will say on the subject is this.

There are two kind of sex. The first is the kind of sex shared between two people who “care” for each other. The second is the kind of sex that is, well, sex.

Now let’s explore what it means to “care” for someone, shall we.

Caring for someone means you

  • Value their opinion or the points they make
  • Have compassion for them as a person
  • Wish success and happiness for them
  • Have an interest in their days, likes, dislikes

Caring for someone is the absolute basis of “love”, be it romantic or platonic. You want to care for the person who you are physically involved with, and you want them to care for you. Reason being is that this caring type of sex is an incredibly personal thing. There is no greater form of “exposure” than being intimate with someone. Trusting someone with your body and your soul.

I am not here to say to sleep around, or not to sleep around. I am, however, here to say “sex” is just an act of two people if you don’t care about each other. Sex with a stranger, an ex, a friends with benefits, those are all just sex. Just two people doing something together. No strings, or emotions needed.

I was talking to Vegas Friend about writing this blog and he mentioned that sex with someone you care about adds another dimension, there’s a level of depth (seriously no pun intended at all). Whereas sex with a random person or one night stand also adds another dimension for people, be it fun or just something new.

I am not here to shame anyone for any of their personal endeavors. Just keep in mind that your body is a temple, so other people (and you) should treat it as such, with respect and care. (PSA -good sex is safe sex, be smart you freaks)


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