19 Thoughts My Freak Self Has Every Day

From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep (and wake up and fall asleep… ) my mind goes non stop! Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts are even normal. Does everyone sing a song to their coffee in the morning? Regardless, I will let you be the judge of how “rational” my thoughts actually are. Let day two of May Blog A Day commence. Enjoy!

Oh my god. Why do I always set my alarm so much earlier than what I really need? Snooze.

Ugh. Okay I’ve hit snooze 6 times. Must awaken the beast.

Okay life problem. Should I make my bed and then pee, or pee then make my bed? OR- get coffee, pee, then make bed. Maybe I just won’t make my bed.

Whats the limit of days allowed to use dry shampoo? Is two too many? Mental note- buy more dry shampoo.

IF I wore leggings today, would my boss notice? Okay, even if they noticed would I get fired?

Hmmm.. Has anyone ever been fired over leggings? I could make history!

Crap. One eyebrow looks fab, the other looks like a caterpillar. Oh well, sisters not twins.

If I leave now I won’t be late. Oh, right, still naked.

How come car heaters aren’t instant. I am going to freeze to death.

My skin is going to melt off. Always putting the heater up to the highest level. When will I learn.

Wow. I have answered all my emails, did that one project, solved world hunger probably lunch time.

WTF. It’s only 9:17.

Did I pee this morning?

Today’s the day I start drinking 7 cups of water a day. “I think if I really applied myself I could be a totally changed person by noon”. Hah. Maybe tomorrow.

Better pack up to go home. Holy crap how many cups are on my desk.

FREEDOM! Well, I still have to come back tomorrow. BUT only if I want to pay my bills… I’ll decide later.

Shower tiiiiiiime. But will I wash my hair. How much dry shampoo do I have left?

Crap I am tired. I really hope I sleep tonight.

It’s 3:02 am. I guess I will not be sleeping tonight.


6 thoughts on “19 Thoughts My Freak Self Has Every Day

  1. This was so amusing and so relatable at the same time! Especially the “if I leave right now, I won’t be late” one cause that’s more me than I can even explain 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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