17 Apartment Necessities I Wish I Knew I Needed | Adultish

First apartments are so fun! You’ve been working towards this moment for a long time now. Saving, day dreaming and buying all of the cute things. And now here you are reading blogs to prepare your adultish self for what is to come- I congratulate you. You are one step closer to having your shit together, being an actual adult, and endless breakdowns (hey, just keeping it real here). First apartments are really exciting and you will definitely live in a dream like state for a while, until you realize you didn’t buy toilet paper and there’s no roommate to throw you some in your time of need. While some of these items are absolute essentials, others are just creature comforts that will make your first home, well, home!

1.A Step Stool

Because now you are an adult and you are not allowed to step on tables or stack up books in lieu of one. This is how people break their bodies. This one’s a keeper, and my favorite since it collapses and fits in tiny spaces.

2. Curtains

If you can afford it, choose black out curtains. During the summer you will want the blackout curtains since they keep your place cool and your electricity bill low. Even if you don’t want black out curtains, go to Walmart and get a normal set. Reason being peeping toms are real, and blinds are ugly. You will be really surprised how much of a difference curtains will make in your home.

3.Cutting Boards

I know this sounds like “duhhhh, you need a cutting board”. But somehow buying this item escaped my mind for weeks and every time I needed to cook something I was so regretful.

4. A Hammer/ Command Strips/ Pliers

Basically an essential tool kit. Hammers are a must have since your apartment will undoubtedly be filled with make-yourself-furniture and spoons don’t quite cut it. Command strips come in handy when you are renting and there are tons of things you can do with them if you have a little imagination (or a pinterest).

5. Organization Bins

I’m not talking about super expensive ones, but I highly recommend buying any type of bin to organize. You will learn quickly how much of a slob you are, and bins for your crap will make it appear like you are much cleaner than you actually are. Remember that every place needs a home, and when things don’t have a home they wind up on your floor or draped on lamps.

6.Shower Caddy

This might be my most favorite thing. It keeps your shower floor clear of stuff and gunk.

7.Can Opener

Because you will learn nothing sucks more than trying to make dinner and not being able to open your cans. I recommend this one since it’s multi-functional and saves you from having to buy other items as well.

8.More bowls/ cups than you need.

Even if you will be living alone, make sure you have 6-8 bowls and 84687 cups. I recommend going to the dollar store and just snagging cheap bowls.

9. Filtered Water Pitcher

Just so you can have clean, cold water in your fridge and you are less likely to drink chilled wine at 7am.


One of the first things I went out and bought after a week at my place. Turning a fan on is a lot cheaper than your air conditioner.

11. Bleach, Clorox, Windex

Basically cleaning supplies. These can get pricy if you buy a wood cleaner, glass cleaner, granite cleaner, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner. Just buy Lysol wipes and windex and call it done. Buy all of the other stuff gradually, but do buy it!


This is a harder purchase just because it’s more expensive. But EHW you need a vacuum. Don’t even buy a broom, vacuum over your hard services and call it done.

13. Additional Lighting

Either lamps or fairy lights. This just helps you not live in subpar lighting but also gives the most bang for it’s buck by making your place look a lot cuter than it is.

14.Extension Cords

You might not think about this one but outlets are usually on the opposite wall you want them to be on and extension cords fix that.

15. TV/ Speakers/ iPad

These are not necessities by any means but it really is nice after a long day to just veg in front of the TV.

16. Spare Set of Keys

Because you will lock your keys in your car and possibly cry. Get a spare (or 6). Keep one in your apartment, and one at your significant others house, one at your moms, tattoo one on you- just make sure you have spares.

17. Kitchen Spices

Because plain chicken is not good.



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