A Wrinkle In Time | Depression

Vegas Friend, BK and I just watched a Wrinkle In Time. Not going to lie- the movie was a little trippy- but I mean, OPRAH is IN the movie- so I, personally, had to watch it. I am not sure what I thought the movie would be about- but BK wanted to watch it and that’s enough for Vegas Friend and I to jump on board.

So the gyst of this movie is that theres a girl with a scientist father who goes missing for four years. ON the four year anniversary of him dissapearing she meets The Misses and goes on a journey to find her father, herself, and basically the meaning of life in a way. Now- what gets me is that her dad is trapped in The It. The It is described as the darkest place in the universe- there is no light-not even the misses can go.

The It is the root source of jealousy, anger, resentment, sadness, manipulation- all of these things. When the girl goes into the journey leading to her father, and to The It, one of the misses gives her “the gift of her thoughts”. (I know, of all the gifts a mysticaly flower turning misses could give you, she gives you your own thoughts- lame).

But it is when she is inside The It that she is faced with lies, anxiety, sadness, self doubt, depressive memories- until she remembers her thoughts, her reality. The entire movie all I could think of was how The It was the symbol of depression in the world. You see, if we are not careful we become consumed by looks, grades, other peoples thoughts of us. These things spiral out of control until we believe them as our own personal truths, as our own thoughts.

The Misses taught the girl that if she looked inward, focused on the light, the positive, the truth she would always win over The It.

Isn’t that so true in life? If we could make a conscious decision to stop the anxious worries or self depreciating thoughts we could rule over depression, rule over the black cloud that can easily consume us.


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