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Being that we are a few days into spring and it has stopped raining- it’s time for a Spring Blog!

Usually when we think about Spring Cleaning we think about washing the curtains and dusting ceiling fans. We don’t usually think about the season changeWhenever the seasons change I like to take that as a chance to revamp, and get my life together post-winter, pre-spring style.

Spring cleaning your life can be broken down into three categories.

First, there is the actual cleaning part.

I like to take this time to open the windows and get some fresh air in. Let all the winter feels fly out the window (literally), put some tunes on and clean your nasty house ya filthy animal. This is basically my GYST routine on crack. Of course I always wash dishes and do laundry- but I have found a few things that really make my space feel springy.

  • Change your curtains/ curtain rod- no really, makes a HUGE difference
  • Dust. Try not to think of this as a chore but more of a symbolic representation of cleaning a season away, and welcoming a new one.
  • Rearrange/ redecorate. I find myself doing this quite frequently just because I love it. Moving one piece of furniture can revamp the look of your place.
  • Change your sheets/ decorative pillows or pillow cases
  • Invest in a carpet rake– so random I know but it’s totally a miracle worker. (Take it from a flooring installers ex-wife who knows a thing or two.)
  • And probably my all time favorite- change your homes scent- I alternate between Scentsy and using my diffuser with essential oils. To each their own.

Second part of spring cleaning your life is planning. #PlanAllTheThings

Like I said, I really look at each season change as basically a new start. And you already know I love new beginnings! I plan my finances for the next few months, solidify any trips (hint hint/wink wink) make my doctors appointments. I reevaluate where I am with my goals for the year/ for my life- any and everything that’s future-focused. Even my car (who I named Molly because- well. She looks like a Molly) got on the band wagon of new beginnings because my service required light came on and I had to get an oil change and tire rotation- Molly’s always looking out for me/ taking all my money. Even more things I will do (depending on my motivation).

  • Organize my dresser and closet
  • Purge clothes I haven’t worn/ won’t wear
  • Make a spring dream board of my short term goals for the next few months
  • Change my phone lock screen. I know this sounds weird- but- change sparks joy and even if you only change your phones lock screen you will be surprised at the impact it will make

Last but not least is lifestyle.

Guess whats after Spring… can anyone guess? SUMMER!! And I may or may not have a super exciting trip around the corner that you’re going to lose your mind about need to get my mind and body ready for summer again. So that means I need to really hunker down on my runs, workouts, and yoga. I also lump a ton of beauty stuff in this category you could do in here too…

  • Get your haircut
  • Get a facial or do a home facial
  • Get a massage/ go float/ go to the chiropractor
  • Revamp your workout routine
  • Do all the masks- face, hair, skin masks. Never too many masks.
  • Change your meditation/ yoga/ workout space

I hope that you will give these tips/tricks/hacks/ weird things I do a try. Personally I love season changes and all that is to come with them. I am also filled with too much coffee and not enough sleep- so it could be that too.

Happy Spring!






4 thoughts on “How To Spring Clean Your Life| Adultish

  1. These are some good ideas and are motivating me to get going on my own spring cleaning. This is also a good time of the year to “spring clean” your budget – tweak things that need adjusting, remove budget line items that don’t apply any more. For example, we recently cancelled our gym memberships now that the weather here in Michigan is getting more tolerable for outdoor physical activities. This is also a good time of the year to purge things that have not been used or worn for a year from your closets and cabinets. Donate, recycle and toss, as applicable. It brings you joy to give to others, and it clears physical and mental space that improves morale all around.

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