Get your life together

My friend who works upstairs and I always joke and say “get your life together!” so much so that we are working on matching shirts. This could mean that when she trips down the stairs (bahahah, so funny!) or when my desk is a mess we instantly snap “god, get your life together!”. But then with the new year she and I talked about how were going to actually get our life together. I mean, she failed on like day 6 and I failed on day 8- so we aren’t doing the best of jobs, but hey- we have our whole life!

We talk about finances mostly, she and I are very similar in our financial views. She has this MASSIVE truck that cost her a kidney to buy, and a kitten that tries daily to burn her house down. I have this thing called a pending divorce, new bills, car payment and a life that I don’t know what to do with. We are seriously screwed in the whole “getting life together” aspect.

Yet we always try. We check in every few days with a simple skype message at work that says “still suck at life?” and one of us usually says yep! And then rants about how much coffee is too much coffee (the limit does not exist) and cries about our unread email count.

I have to wonder with all of the chasing we do, be it for a new job, bigger savings, healthy habits…. when do we find joy? (besides watching our friends fall down stairs, thats just an added bonus of clumsy friends). In my marriage I felt like I was constantly looking for joy. I was always waiting to get off work, then waiting til my husband got home, then waiting for bed, and then waiting for morning…. and then it just continued. All we do is wait for the next thing and we don’t enjoy what we are in.


I just took a 4 day weekend and spent it with Vegas Friend. Granted, conditions were less than ideal and I was ill most of the time, but I just kept wanting to go home. We even said we couldn’t wait to leave. Then we left and I got in my car to come home and I missed being away- what the fuck?! I just bitched about wanting to come home, and now that I am home I want to be gone again?? I bother myself sometimes…

I think a big lesson to learn is how to be happy in every moment. That’s when it’s all about the little things.

I came home to 8 boxes of fruit roll-ups waiting my consumption. Yum.

Diffusing essential oils makes my heart so happy.

It rained today and it cleansed the day.

Bath and Body Works had a massive sale, buy 3 get 3 free- and I am now set for life on my favorite perfume.

The light/dusty/calm pink color makes me feel at peace.

Silky robes are a dream, so are fuzzy ones.

There is nothing like your favorite pajamas.

Coffee is my soul mate.

Clean laundry never gets old.

Instead of thinking how I have 211 unread work email and obsessing over the raccoon that quite possibly lives in my purse, I think about these things. I call them the 10 positives. Ass Kicker Mom and I text our 10 positives every morning. It’s a way to center your thoughts and channel your energy towards the positive things in life.

When you look for the positives in life, and seek out the good- it really does help you get your life together. You don’t become so freakishly focused on the shitty things, or the things out of your control. Instead you hold yourself accountable to picking 10 things in your whirlwind life and choose to see the positive.


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