17 Things I Learned in 2017- Without Dying

This was quite the extreme year. It started off in our first home as newlyweds with the cutest puppy of life. And now I am sitting on the floor of the room I rent shoveling Nutella in my pie hole waiting on an email from the lawyer stating the divorce is final. Oh- and that Nutella? The money I got from selling my wedding rings funded that grocery trip. Savage. But even with all of this, it was just another year and I didn’t die from any of the craziness. BRING ON 2018!

1.Outlook is everything. 

You always have two choices, be grateful for what you have and try to see the positive, or be an asshole about everything and be miserable. It really is that simple.

2.You will never regret saving money

The single smartest thing you can do is save your money. Save for your car registration that’s 4 months away, save for your phone you broke for the 6th time, save in case you lose your job. Saving NOW, saves your ass later.

3.Alcohol is not your friend

I mean, yeah. It tastes good. And you two have a good time. And.. okay it might be your friend, but it definitely won’t help you reach your goals or solve life problems. So don’t search for answers in red solo cups.

4.Depression is real

It’s not something you can “just get over”. It’s not a button you can switch on and off.

5.The answer is always yes to snacks

“Should I bring a snack in my purse?” YES. “Should I bring a granola bar just in case?” YES. Don’t be hangry when you can prevent it.

6.Unless you want to be stranded and out of gas because you didn’t fill your tank up, never go below a quarter of a tank ever (again) in your life. 

7.Not everyone wants you to be happy. 

And that’s okay.

8.You are in charge of your happiness. 

It’s not your job, or your nice things. Your relationships shouldn’t be the sole provider of happiness. Look for the joyous things in every day life and choose to keep those in the forefront of your mind.

9.Modest is hottest. 

Okay, I didn’t just learn this… I’m basically a 76 year old woman in the way I dress. But take pride in your body and don’t let everyone see what is yours.

10.When all else fails, take a shower. 

Nobutseriously…. Showers have this way of cleansing our soul and our mind. Next time you’re stuck in your head or having a bad day take a shower. Let the warm water surround you, listen to it fall, let it renew you. Then when you’re ready, get out and get your shit together.

11.Give time time.

Time has a way of healing almost everything. You just have to give time time.

12.Keep life simple. 

Keep your drama minimal, keep your friends close, keep your room clean. Keep everything in it’s simplest form and you will feel free.

13.Memes and coffee

Sometimes you just need to sit down with your coffee and scroll through memes for a few minutes. Get your mind off your crazy life, and spew coffee out of your nose when you find your new favorite meme.

14.Anything that costs your peace is too expensive.

15.Your soul is your compass

If you’re aching, ask your soul why.  When you’re aching and broken it’s usually because you’ve starved your soul. So pray, or do yoga. Go pound on your mom/ass kickers door and eat all of the cookies she just made. Sniff essential oils or drive around with your favorite song turned all the way up. Always turn inwards to check in on your soul.

16.Just do it 

Nike totally had the right idea. The key to getting what you want is to just do it. If you want to start a blog, or save, or buy a car, or travel- just do it! Find a way, make a plan, and do it!

17.There is no such thing as a “bad year”. 

If we keep trying to quantify the shitty-ness of 2017 versus 2016, and how they will compare to 2018 we will completely miss the point! The point is every single year there are ups and downs. You can’t possibly expect only sunshine and rainbows. But you can choose your mindset, you can embark on your goals, save a bunch of money and prepare to be better off this year than last. You can take everything you’ve learned and channel it into something positive.









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