It’s Okay To Suck At Life & Here’s Why

Just in case you somehow missed it- I am not perfect. And I won’t post “I woke up like this” pictures with flawless skin and angel kissed hair. Cause reality is I am breaking out like a mofo and my hair has daily rats nest due to my 4 inches of split ends. Welcome to reality.

I won’t be “Instagram Worthy” in my work outfits, most of them I pull off of the not-dirty-enough-for-the-hamper-not-clean-enough-for-the-closet chair in my bedroom that I vow to keep clear and never do. My friends dog peed on my shoe and I stuck it in the washer- the sole is coming unglued and sticks to my foot now, but I don’t give a fudge. Everyday my keurig screams at me to put “more water please” and I only put enough for that day cause I’m too time crunched (lazy) to fill it all the way. I really have had cookies for breakfast the past three mornings, and I have a paper due in 4 hours that I haven’t even started, and I am writing a blog instead.

We call this “sucking at life”… but really, I just call it life.

Because if I actually had my shit together and all of my clothes were clean and put away (hah! yeah right..) and my homework was done and I didn’t just eat a cupcake off the floor then I would be so bored in life.

If my job was actually perfect and my homework was always caught up- I would never have a feeling of satisfaction-  because perfection would be the norm.

If my car was clean (and didn’t have a rogue french fry jammed between the middle console and driver seat) then I would never feel accomplished after it was scrubbed with a dish sponge to pure clean perfection.

I suck at life. In A LOT of ways. I got divorced, I piss people off all the time, I am a Grinch during Christmas and a saint during Halloween. And it’s totally okay, because when things do go right, and life actually aligns a bit I am so much more grateful.

We will never be Instagram worthy, or pinterest-make-up-tutorials in real life- that would be a boring AF life. Instead, let’s suck a little bit more, and embrace the mistakes, so that we can actually, truly cherish the good in life.


2 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Suck At Life & Here’s Why

  1. To be honest, I don’t get the instagram obsession. I didn’t ever post actual pictures of myself on there but only pictures of my embroidery projects. I very quickly learned even for photos of inanimate objects, people were crazy about making things look perfect for no reason. That’s a nope for me.

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