Thanksgiving- Vegas Style.

Did you know people go to Vegas for Thanksgiving? Well, apparently they do and that’s how it can take 8 hours to get there when it’s only supposed to take 4!

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay- yes. I know what you’re thinking. No, it wasn’t scary. Yes, there was security. Yes, it was a bit weird. Weirdest though is how hotels have the longest hallways of life.


We went to my favorite crepe place for breakfast one day. Gosh, so amazing. But I do love carbs, so no surprise I love crepes!

The hotel room was supposedly upgraded to a suite- yeah. NOPE. Standard-ish room- but I loved the wallpaper behind the bed- plus white is my favorite color and the bathroom was as big as my bedroom. So I was set!


We had Thanksgiving dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Hmm. Don’t do it. Sidenote: the fake tree with lights in the restaurant was one of my favorite things- and we got to sit right under it!


We went to the Titanic exhibit which was really interesting and also very emotional cause I am an emotional freak.

On one of our excursions we happened across this really cool store that had crystals in it- so duh. Bought some.


Also, maybe the highlight of the trip, we went to Raising Canes TWICE. So. Stinking. Good. I really need to look up how to make that dipping sauce. One part sauce, two parts Angel dust.

Which, had their Christmas tree up. And it was the day after Thanksgiving. Wow.


Then we wound up at Red Rock Canyon and it was so beautiful!!





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