Something really interesting has been happening where I realize that I can do a lot more with my life than what I am currently doing. I’ve been blogless for a while because of the viscous cycle in my mind of what “should” be written and “should” be a secret. But I always come back to not caring, because I want Adultish to be a place of truth.

One big “what tha fukkkkkkkk” situation is the meeting with my ex husband and his lawyer. It seemed obvious that they had spoken about what he “should” do. And to be truthful, I would LOVE spousal support, or to take him to court, or to make him pay X amount. However, that’s not what is going to happen. Mostly because I want this to be done. Our divorce can be final on December 30th and I can say “I did it!” without feeling like I am indebted to anyone. So no, no spousal, no “lump sum”, no “taking him for all he’s got”. That’s not me, and I’d rather go to bed at night knowing I did everything with a pure heart. That’s not to say that if you wanted to put me up in a beach front hotel for Christmas that I would decline- I’ve already asked Santa.

I’m going to Vegas  tomorrow. I get off work early and VegasFriend and I are hitting the road ASAP. I. CAN’T. WAIT. Homeslice needs a vacation and a drink. It’s great timing. I have a week off of school, our students are on break, and when I come back a lot of work stuff is changing, and then we welcome a new term.

CHANGE IS MY FAVORITE. Sidenote: Change that I can *control* is my favorite.

I think it’s so important for a fresh start. I am kind of sucking at life right now. I am super tired, budgeting like a mad woman, implementing some new rituals, and weeding out the negativity. All of these things create one monster of a Kristen.

As taboo as this is- I have realized I have an issue. While my depression medicine is amazing, every month it makes PMS approximately one trillion times more intense. This has caused me to really evaluate everything in my life and find all of my triggers and work through them.

I guess at the end I want to say thanks.

Thank you for reading all the sappy angry shit on Adultish.

Thank you for sharing/ being inspired/ being supportive.

Thank you to my roommate who keeps me within the lines of sane and always watches out for me.

Thank you to my AssKicker/Mom Friend who kicks my ass and knows when I am dying.

Thank you to VegasFriend for this trip to Vegas.

And finally, thank you self. For being one badass 94lb Adultish human. You rock.

I am taking a hiatus while in Vegas from basically everything. I will be back probably within a week.

I am sure I will have fun Vegas Blogs… 🙂



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