Divorce update- I might be mean.

I’ve been waiting on the divorce papers forever now. Having never gone through a divorce I really didn’t know what to expect. Everyone keeps saying that California is a 50/50 state- but our situation is a little bit different.

When he “bought” the house he actually “assumed the loan” from his grandmother. Considering this, there was no way I would be able to be on the title/deed of the house. It was technically then his grandmothers and his.

The business that he and his family owns is technically all his families. He does not become an “owner” of that business until his family gives it to him. I have no financial place in the business.

The multiple cars and trucks are all paid for by the business.

The appliances came with the house or his grandmother bought.

The tools and expensive things are from the business.

The flat screen TV won’t fit in my rented room.

Now that I have these divorce papers things look pretty bleak. I am meeting with him and his lawyer today (somehow this feels like a trap) to discuss “what I want”. Interesting idea as I am not legally entitled to have anything, nor can I fit a stainless steel fridge in my room either.

I am caught so desperately in between some weirdness I can’t even explain. I am not sure what the right road is here. I don’t want to deplete him of what is his, or make his life more financially unstable. However the grouchy part of me wants to point out that “the business” pays for a huge amount of his monthly expenses. His parents sign his check. He has a roommate that pays less rent than I do. The even grouchier part of me wants to look his lawyer in the face and ask if she really knows what happened. Does she know he talked to her about a divorce before even telling me that’s what he wanted? Does she know that he drained the bank accounts? Does she know that the “assests” he listed he is missing a huge amount of things on?

Probably not. And it probably doesn’t matter. I don’t think that legally emotions matter.

All I know is that I can just try to do the right thing. I work as much as I can, I try to be a good person. I try to do right. I keep thinking of maybe getting a second job (don’t ask when, I have no clue!).

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