All about me . . .

My favorite drink is Jack and Coke and you can find me dancing to any music at anytime when one is in my hand. Jack and coke is also what made Vegas so fun…

I like my showers so hot they could scald the skin right off your body.

Golden button in my life is rolling the windows down (possibly speeding) and turning the music way up. #whoops

My favorite thing of life is lasagna but I have never even tried to make it.

I sleep maybe 3 hours a night, on a good night. I only ever sleep at Mom/Ass Kickers house.

Even though I have never had a dad I don’t bash people who do have a dad.

I am the most forgiving person of life.

I want to love you.

Chances are if you have told me a secret, Mom/Ass Kicker knows about it.

I hate loud noises.

If you yell I will leave the room.

I am that person that has crayons and coloring sheets in my purse for the bored kiddo in the store/movie theater/ restaurant.

I am not sure if I want kids anymore.

I will never date anyone younger than 30 again.

If I offend you, chances are I have cried over it, lost sleep, and felt absolutely horrible about it.

Before moving to California I hated water. Now I act like I will die with out it.

If you ask my roommate what I am doing at any given time she will say one of three things. 1) on her computer 2) drinking coffee 3)pants-less on the kitchen floor eating nutella with a spoon.


If you do anything nice for me at all I will basically cry because I live for kindness.

I love basically every animal/insect/creature and would have a snake, hamster and dog if my roommate wouldn’t die.

I am perpetually cold.

I hate all things sticky.

I clean my ears out at least once a day because it freaks me out to think of earwax. ehwwww.

I don’t have eyebrows. Okay, I “have” eyebrows, they are just invisible.

I can not see at all in the dark. I’m basically blind once the lights are off.

When I was in Jr.High a kid in the special needs class attempted to stab me with a pair of scissors. This started my trust issues (kidding, my entire childhood is to blame for that).

If I watch a scary movie I will have horrible nightmares and probably pee the bed. I wish I was kidding.

I don’t like icecream because it makes me cold.

I am hyper aware of other peoples emotions and feelings.

I often sacrifice my own emotions and feelings in order to make someone else happy.

My favorite movie is Juno- we have the same sense of humor.

I want to go to Germany.

If I ever get married again (hah!) I will have a wicked small wedding with the most beautiful dress.

I don’t play. If you’re for me, you’re for me, and if you break my trust you’re out.

I dress like a 70 year old woman. Half for comfort, half for warmth.

What I want more than anything is for Adultish to help people as much as it’s helped me by just being a common ground for life’s craziness.






13 thoughts on “All about me . . .

      1. Just lock the doors first and you will be just fine 😂 haha! I grew up watching it with my Grandma and was so excited when Amazon prime had it free for streaming a few months ago. Watched all 12 seasons as soon as I could!

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