A Routine For Your Soul; Living A Life Of Positivity.


There is something magical about positive thinking. The weather is so magnificently fall-ish and the wind hitting my skin makes me instantly in love with life. I can watch the leaves fall and dance to the ground outside my bedroom window. They paint the grass with orange and red kisses and when you step on them you hear their crunch beneath your feet. Coffee tastes better now in the cold air, and it’s high time to pull out the crock pot. Happy November.

This is the start of something new. Something big and beautiful, as beautiful as you want to make it.

I am learning the importance of feeding my soul. The way I look at my soul is the innermost part of me. It’s different from my heart, different from my mind. My soul is the most tender, vulnerable piece of my being. How is your soul? Is it tired? Hungry for love? Is your soul screaming for some sense of reprieve? My soul has been laid bare before people, before you all. In light of me sharing my life with you, I also get to share my learning experiences. And this one is going to change your life.

First- yes, you really do need to do this– go to pandora and type in Spa Radio, listen away.

Second, light a candle, put on your favorite lotion, roll on some essential oils.

Seriously, did you do it? I’m waiting….


Okay good. Now you’re listening to some weird music you may or may not like and you smell good- we are making some progress.

What if every morning you started off like this? Every morning you took time and became one with your soul, with God, with life.

Routines help us keep track of our (your) kids, household duties, school work, actual work… but routines also need to be for emotional and spiritual well-being.

In the morning I always wake up and go straight to make coffee (and I mean straight to coffee, I don’t even pee before #committed). But even though I love coffee, I get my coffee and then I am in a funk. (lesson one, learn where your “funk zones” are). Mainly because coffee is the start of my day and I know I will be doing a lot of craziness. So… turn your funk zone into an opportunity for positivity… I wrote down a ton of things I love, I’m grateful for, make me happy… and I put them on the back of my bedroom door. This way when I wake up and get coffee, first thing I see before I’m out the door is a blur of things I love. This is so important. Positive thoughts create positive minds, and if all you plant in your mind is negativity, that’s all you will reap. (Trust me girl, life’s a bit craycray at the moment and I have learned this the hard way).


After coffee, or, if you’re a normal person and after you pee first thing, take just 5 minutes and write down your thoughts. This could be thoughts of what you might wear/ what you need to accomplish/ what you’re stressed or concerned about… get it all out on paper. As it leaves your mind and comes to life on paper leave it there. You have freed it from your mind, and it is now locked away on a paper with no hold over your life. The small change to focus on the positive, or even just to break up the monotony of the morning will make such an impact on your life. Trust me.


Sometimes I do “morning pages” (writing mentioned above) outside where I can watch bunnies play. Some mornings it is at my roommates kitchen table or on her floor, wherever I land. I keep Spa Radio on this whole time and I decompress. I think of nothing if I can. I breathe in the day and live in that peace. I enjoy my coffee and bask in a new day where anything can happen.


I can’t lie here, I am the biggest person for essential oils. I just know how much they have helped me and I can’t get enough of them. Anything lavender is my jam. (Lesson two, find your “thing” and frame it in a world of positivity, use it when needed). When I go to sleep I have a ritual basically. I turn on Spa Radio, diffuse lavender oil, take my medicine, and most recently I’ve incorporated a few more things. I have a lot of issues sleeping (refer to “funk zone” above). Knowing I need sleep and that it’s hard for me to come by I have been proactive in remedying my zombie like status. Before bed if you take a minute or so and write down all the things clouding your mind, dragging you down and release them onto paper they are free from you. This helps me sleep, it calms my mind, it replenishes my soul. I have tried Ambien to help me sleep but it does the opposite for me. What actually does work is the Calms Forte Sleep Aid and I can sleep most of the night if I remember to take it. Now back to essential oils, I use this lavender essential oil pillow spray. Now I don’t know if it “does anything” but I like it so it stays in the routine. If it makes your soul happy- keep it. I’ve also found I love crystals and essence waters/ sprays. I have found things that work well for me, bring me joy, peace, happiness to my soul… and that’s what you hold onto.


I have a quote journal. I like to start off my day writing some quotes down. These can be things that resonate with me, things I find funny, or just quotes I want to remember. It’s like a little meal for my soul and I beam after I do it.


Knowing I have anxiety, knowing I struggle with depression I want to be proactive. This week has been a week where I have hit rock bottom. I have cried so much. I have lost so much. I have gotten way too deep inside my mind and it look my mom friend to pull me out. Everything we do in life is a choice. Shitty things might happen, but you can not be consumed by them. You look for the positive in everything. You look for joy, and beauty everywhere. You cling tight to the things and people you love and you go on in life. Mom friend had me come over. She showed me Sage and gave me some. The idea is you burn it and say a prayer in your home for positive things. You pray for evil spirits to leave, you cleanse your home basically. What do you know that I did the whole house… and when it came to my room the sage stopped smoking. Not once, or twice, but FIVE times. If that wasn’t the wake up call that my life has been consumed my negativity- I don’t know what is.


So I made a change, like we all need to do at times. A change for the better. A change for positivity, for love, life, happiness, my soul.

I believe that the there are so many things to cure a soul. The most important thing to remember is that it can only be remedied if we take the time to do so. There is nothing more important in life than our well being. We can’t be good parents, good employees, good students if we are not good within our soul.

To be totally truthful if this means you need to drink chamomile tea all day, or wear matching socks and undies to feed your soul- DO IT. Because I am usually the person listening to Spa Radio at work sniffing essential oils. 🙂






2 thoughts on “A Routine For Your Soul; Living A Life Of Positivity.

  1. Sage burns and smokes as it consumes negative energy. When the red sparks go out, try lighting it again. If it then goes out again, your good. In short, your bedroom didn’t need sage because you already filled that space with positivity… and coffee (:

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