try and be adultish

I am learning that small changes can make a huge impact. Today at work instead of staying at my desk and eating while I do things, I went home. I started laundry, cleaned my room and bathroom, organized somethings. When I left I felt great! Thankfully I live less than 5 miles from work or else this would not be possible.

I had an early morning at work today starting at 7. I was able to knock out so many things on my 3 page list by the end of the day. I am ahead on some stuff for work, and I have clean underwear now. Moving on up in the world! Come 2pm my boss had me go do something for the University and I happily obliged. While I was out I was able to just decompress a bit and it was a great break in my day. When I got back to the University I was able to do even more things and just prioritize a lot. I finished imputting my bosses expenses, got things ready for a seminar we have this weekend, published a new schedule for my student workers, sent off some conference sign ups to finance. Today was legit so busy.

I got home and turned on my blinker to pull into the drive way and realized I couldn’t very well make tacos with out meat. Oy! So I did the most illegal U-Turn of life and headed back down the way I came.

Once home I made my tacos, made some of my favorite cookies, cleaned up the kitchen, washed my face and put a hair mask in.

I am really wanting to start working out but I don’t want to pay for a gym membership- plus the university I work at has a gym I can use but I would be working out with the students. Hard pass. I need to see if I could get a coworker to come with me so I wont feel so weird. We shall see.

I drank ample amounts of water today, Didn’t even finished my 2nd cup of coffee this morning which is unheard of.

I really want to establish some sort of morning and night routine so that I feel like I have my life more together on a consistent basis. I feel like every weekend I go out of work mode and straight into “holy shit I have so much homework and laundry” mode. I can’t deal.

I know this blog is all over the place. But I am not much for faking or pretending- so if you want to know what it’s like to try and be adultish… this is it.

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