My Good News Revealed & WTF is life?

img_5418I’ve not written a blog in about a week, maybe more. That is a long time for me. Usually I have two or three blogs up a week and I am itching to put more up. I can’t really decide what to write about because there are so many different things that have happened this past week. I was going to write a blog for each but that thought became pretty overwhelming. So now here it is 6:40am on a Wednesday and I am at the kitchen table with 5 work meetings waiting for me, an overwhelmed mind and exhausted brain…

First things first, my good news. For my entire life I have been petrified of driving. I don’t really know why but it plagued me until recently. I made the plunge after the bomb dropped and bought a pretty sweet car. All that was left to do was get comfortable enough driving and get my license. (Yes, I am 23 and just got my license). To say that I am embarrassed is the least of it. Now that I know I did get my license and I am legally good enough to drive I don’t mind it at all and only have a smidgen of anxiety before I need to go somewhere.  My Ass Kicker Mom helped me understand that I needed to face the world and be unashamed. #thanks


Secondly, this is the time at work where there is a lot of commotion as our students are taking midterms and we are trying to prepare for next term. Throw in a few position changes and some of my coworkers leaving and it’s just taxing on my heart.

I rant and rave about GYST days, but to be honest since I got my license I haven’t had a GYST day! Like I need to get my shit together so bad it’s humorous. Here is a sneak peak of my list:

Schedule out Adultish Posts

Shave your legs, you animal.



Clean coffee maker

Clean bathroom

Vacuum my room

Buy a cup (yes, seriously, I am in search of the perfect cup)

Organize my “dresser”

Carve a freaking pumpkin

Buy Halloween costume for work

Buy gift for friend

Pick up prescription

H O L Y  C R A P  T H A T S  N O T  E V E N  A L L  O F  I T

Okay so see? My life is just as crazy as anyone else and some days I can handle the crazy and some days well, just ask my roommate what happened to her once full Malibu bottle.


The one thing that I really want to remember as the next 6 weeks or so are going to be intense is that I CAN handle this. If I have a plan, if I have a positive mindset and attitude, I can totally do it. Now for me this basically means I micromanage my life so that I know precisely what is happening and what needs to happen. But if you are in somewhat of the same position finding yourself overwhelmed find out what works for you. For my roommate it’s going to the gym, the moment she gets home she is energized and has mentally recharged and is ready for life again. Lists are amazing, sleep goes a long way and you already know I am the Number One fan of Coffee.

I will close this with my famous life saying “I need to get my life together”.

K Byeeeeeeee.



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