Exciting news!

First things first, I am dead dog tired. Like, holy-guacamole-I-might-die-today kind of tired.

I had a pretty eventful weekend full of homework, driving all over San Diego, and just trying to mentally prepare for life. It start off seeing my ex husband again #hi-byeee. That was a joy. Then onto helping a friend decorate for Halloween, going grocery shopping, going to the movies, shopping for some Bosses days stuff, and finally home to get my life together and count pennies cause I spent too much money.

Here’s the exciting part (which I am not even going to really tell you cause I am a stinker like that but it is quite exciting).  I have one huge fear in life and lets just say that I have been working super hard, and spending a lot of money to conquer this fear and Thursday morning I am doing it! Well, hopefully. Still need to ask my boss for some time off.. #whoops.

Basically if everything works out, I am going to be the happiest person in all the land.

Now, the things I will tell you about…

This weekend I am going hiking, aka, this weekend I am going to attempt to hike but I will probably actually die and barf within the first 7.5 minutes.

Also, if my Thursday plans work out seamlessly I am taking my white ass to the beach in celebration.

Last but not least, I am about 103% sure I am going to carve a pumpkin this week. And how is that not the best thing ever?



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