How I Have The Best Job Ever- By Choice


I am a firm believer in positive thinking. I think that you can make anything a positive experience, if you are conscious to do so. I know that a lot of people really hate their job, but that is their choice. Every day you wake up you make a conscious decision to engage with people, and situations; how you engage depicts how your day will be. Additionally, if you do hate your job, you also have the choice to find another one. One of the most annoy things to me are the people who complain and complain about their job, and yet when I ask “are you looking elsewhere? Have you thought about working somewhere else?” And they say no. My job is by no means perfect, and there are times I come home angry, or want to cry at work – but those days are few and far between. It wasn’t always like that though. There was a time that I used to be so consumed by my job that it would control my thoughts and if something didn’t go as planned I would get so upset and consider quitting. There were many days I thought I would go into my boss’s office and just let them have it. I am thankful that I didn’t though, because then my mindset changed and now I don’t feel that way anymore.

Once the divorce bomb dropped I kind of freaked out about the possibility of losing my job. All I could think was that I didn’t have my husband’s income to fall back on and that was terrifying to me. I couldn’t just get upset and leave my job, I would be broke! Plus I had just started school, and now I was renting a room- way too many financial obligations. I HAD to keep my job. But then the pressure of that thought killed me. I would come to work terrified that if I messed up in any way that I would get fired, and if got fired I wouldn’t have a paycheck, no paycheck I couldn’t go to school, no school I would never advance… These thoughts became so consuming. Now this was also before I was put on my depression and anxiety medicine, so tons of credit to that.

Then one day it kind of all clicked.

I work for a pretty legit place. Considering my age, I have a fantastic job! I make an okay amount where I am able to afford the things I need to afford. I have health insurance where my employer pays the majority of it. This health insurance allows me to be on my anxiety and depression medicine which I know I need. The peace of mind of having insurance in case I am sick, or break my arm, or even for a simple UTI. I am so grateful to have insurance!

I also have a 401k. Now, to be truthful I don’t know much about 401k plans. I know that they are a smart decision and I know that 3% of my pay goes into my 401K. That’s about it. But how many people do you know that are eligible to have a 401k plan at 23? Maybe I am too slap happy about it- but I am thrilled.

I work with a lot of people who deal with a lot of fancy expensive medical equipment, and I take pictures with $5,000 medical dummies when helping out with classes.

I was asked to demonstrate hand lettering to a class for fine motor-skills on Monday. I am legit going to get paid to hand letter- okay, I can totally do that.

The place I work partners with other places such as Universities. This means that my employer pays 90% of my tuition for me to attend college and get any degree I want- even up to my Doctorate degree. Let me repeat, I pay 10% (roughly $6,000) to complete a 4 year degree. Oh, Hiiiiiiiiiiii, yes please.

I work in an office with air conditioning. There are “Big Wigs” here all the time and usually food is ordered for them- and guess what? There is always leftover so I almost always have snacks! Today it was Greek food and I had a gyro, tzatziki, and baklava- for free.

I get to dress up as a Swedish house cleaner to simulate being 62 and having arthritis for our students to evaluate my needs and create modifications. I get  to engage with some of the most intelligent students I have ever met, and they always make me laugh so that’s a plus.


There are multiple fridges, microwaves, hi-tech vending machines for our selfish needs. I usually have a shelf in one of the fridges where I keep some breakfast foods or left overs for lunch.

I sit in a cube that is all decorated, and there are almost always flowers on my desk, along with cute sticky notes and plastered with to do lists.


I can do my homework on my lunch break, we have a library that has a good amount of the textbooks I need for my classes at my disposal.

I am privy to so many incredibly amazing, smart and talented people here.

I wear baaaaaasically whatever I want to work. I am fairly modest to begin with, but I slap on some black pants and any top and I am good to go. Or I just throw on a dress, which is my usual, and I am out the door.

I work 8-5, Monday-Friday and that is PRICELESS to me. I have vacation and sick time.

There are so many things to be grateful for! Grateful is a choice.

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