A day in the life; Kristen-ish. How I’m not (totally) dead working full-time and taking online classes.


I think to some people I have “a lot on my plate” which to me varies by the day, but I have kind of worked things down to a science (for the most part). I know there are people in the world, and even good friends of mine, who have way more going on than I do. Nevertheless, due to popular demand (jk, I just made that part up) I present to you, a day in my life… Enjoy?

Every morning I wake up and have coffee. No coffee, no talkie. My roommate knows my deep dependence on my cup of Joe. I won’t say I am addicted to the caffeine (though I probably totally am), but I claim that I am just a creature of habit and my morning cup of coffee is simply ritualistic.


I usually get together my breakfast and lunch early morning too because I am already in the kitchen.

Now a lot of people ask how I am taking two online 6 week classes at once while still working 40 hours a week- and the answer is pretty easy- I have no idea! Bahahah. Any spare second, chance, moment that I get- homework time. Sure, I don’t really want to do homework after being at work all day and staring at a computer. But I am paying to attend a university, might as well do my work!


Sleeping 8 hours is really rare for me unless I am at my Mom/Ass Kickers house- then I sleep superbly. So once I wake in the morning (generally 2-3am) I will pull out my laptop and crank out some homework- OR- I get on my blog, like now, and procrastinate– Whooooops.

At some point my roommate comes home from the gym and we lollygag until we are both substantially pressed for time and then part ways to get ready for the day.

I usually come into work around 7:45, and start at 8. From then on I just do whatever is on the calendar or in my notebook for the day, and usually drink 87654 cups of coffee.

Lunch rolls around, and either I eat my lunch and go for a walk, or I sit at my desk and switch over to student mode and do homework.


Once it’s 5pm I am usually exhausted and ready to go home. I load all my books up and my laptop and planner and skedaddle.

Once I come home I EAT- I have a wicked high metabolism and anything past about 2 hours of not eating I am basically dying of hunger.

Guess what I do next? HOMEWORK! I’m telling you, my life is wicked exciting. Now not everyday do I do homework once I come home. Sometimes I go to my friends house, and sometimes I just mentally can’t handle looking at the laptop for any longer. But generally you can find me on my computer with my books around me like tacky decorations.

Usually by the time I am done with homework, be it actually finished or just over it, it’s 9/10pm and I am begging for sleep.

I take my trusty white pill, wash my face, brush my teeth, put Lavender in my diffuser and Pandora Spa Radio on and get in bed.

Then I go to sleep and do it all over again!

A lot of people ask me why I don’t text back or respond- this is basically why. I am either at work, doing homework, or trying to sleep. This might seem crazy to some people, but I have really gotten used to it.


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