When Shit Doesn’t Go As Planned

IMG_5006So here’s the thing….

Nothing really seems to go the way you think it will, or the way you think it should.

Things are ever evolving.

The scoop—

Monday I set out to prepare for a blog “A Day In The Life- Kristen-Ish”. And then I woke up late, and sick, the watermelon I brought for breakfast was horribly bad, I forgot to put my string cheese in the fridge and then all of my coworkers were telling me I looked horrible so I threw in the towel and went home around lunch time.

My Vegas Friend text asking if I needed anything, I accepted an offer for soup and left my keys under the mat.

I woke up to  Vegas Friend by my bed with soup, medicine, watermelon and tissues. Bless your heart.

Downed two DayQuil, a bowl of soup and back to bed.

I slept for 14 hours straight.

Tuesday came and went in a blur of naps and the neighbors on going construction.

Vegas Friend text “Want Mexican?” around 5:30 and I happily accepted. First real food since Mondays soup.

Vegas Friend dropped off my favorite thing from the local Mexican food place, my favorite Gatorade, dark chocolate covered almonds, FroYo (with cookie dough and Oreos- win!) 10 scratch offs “to keep you busy” and a mildly creepy Beanie Boo Owl.


When I saw the beauty bounty of food (remember, all I had was soup previously, and I’ve been hibernating) I laughed- and then the mucus in the back of my throat made me cough- so right there I had a laughing-gagging-coughing fit.

Things have not gone expected. With basically anything in my life. Be it being sick, freaky looking beanie boo deliveries, the divorce…. But I have learned you just have to find the good things within every situation.

Because let’s face it- shit will never go as planned. So just try to enjoy the ride!




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