Ways I Changed My Life

This post goes hand in hand with the blog “How to Get Your Life Together”. If you haven’t already read it, go check it out. These are the things that I used to do, or the things I am trying to cut out of my life. These few things have totally changed how I manage my time, emotions, and everything else.

First, I do not own a TV. I have made a conscious decision not to buy a TV or even allow one into my room. I do not have a Netflix account, and I do not allow myself to watch YouTube on my laptop. I have made these rules because there are so many other ways I could fill my time other than numbing my mind. I wanted to be able to successfully use my time wisely, and fully.

I don’t make excuses. Okay, this is definitely one that I am still working on. But, I try not to make excuses. This has been huge for me. Instead of wallowing in my feelings, anxiety, or lack of confidence, I #justdoit. I have found that if I just bite the bullet and do what I have to do I feel so much better about it. I don’t have a feeling that things are looming over my head, and I am not stressing about having not done it- it’s done, it’s over, let’s move on.

I don’t let myself stay in bed. When my alarm goes off, or the moment I wake up- I get up. I don’t sit in bed and scroll through Facebook, or go text my friends. I stretch, throw the covers off and go make coffee. The faster I get up and get out, the happier I am, and the more productive my day is.

I don’t second guess. When I say this I mean that when I think “oh, I really want ice cream” I go get ice cream… I don’t think about the fact that it’s cold, or that it’s 3am… I want it and I just get it… This is better explained with walks, or with thinking that I want to go somewhere. My anxiety had gotten so controlling at a point that I wouldn’t even go for a walk around the neighborhood because I would talk myself out of it before I would ever stand up to get dressed.

Best for last…

Your mental attitude/ outlook on life. I listened to a podcast quite a few months ago by Maddie Moon and she coined “You have to feel the shit to feel the shift” basically stating that whenever something big happens, you have to feel it, live it, experience all of the hurt- so that at some point you can feel the shift that happens when you learn from the suffering. The moment I took this quote to heart, I began to embrace what I was going through, and I had a sense of peace knowing that I would come out better.

We are ever evolving. Humans are learning, growing and experimenting with things all the time- never forget to grow yourself!


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