Get Your Life Together…

How to get Your Life Together – from a Pro-Not-Pro

Here is a step by step guide of “How to get Your Life Together” from yours truly. Not that I am actually a pro at all, but moving from TX to CA when I was 18 with nothing more than a loaded Jeep full of clothes and moving out of my (ex?) husbands house with my Mom/Ass Kicker friends mom-mobile packed to the brim has given me some insight.

change quote

Numero Uno: routines are totally your friend. When I first moved out of my husband’s house I was so incredibly bored. Boredom led to sadness and sadness led to so many thoughts that I didn’t even know I had. So immediately when I saw myself down that path I decided I had to get some semblance of a routine for accountability. In the old house I would wake up and make coffee, no matter what. So I reinstated that routine and, tried and true, it has helped so much. I make sure I make the bed in the morning, so that I come home to a clean (ish) room.  I devote one day to getting all my messy life in order, which brings me to…

Numero Dos: You need to have a GYST day. GYST stands for Get Your Shit Together. These days are when I do all the things I have been putting off for the week, and how I prepare for the next week. I wash my laundry, clean my room and bathroom, wash the bedding, fill out my planner for the upcoming week. I usually devote Sunday to GYST-ing because Saturday I am either doing homework or doing something fun- I have created a boundary where Sunday is my coveted GYST day, and I don’t let many things get in the way of that.


Number Three: Find something that you enjoy- and do it! I know that might not seem like it belongs in a blog on getting your life together, however; you have to be fulfilled mentally, emotionally and physically. If going for a run helps you find joy and gives you a release- you NEED to set time apart to do that. If every Saturday morning you have coffee with a friend at the beach, and that is your “reset” time- treasure it! For me personally, I will either read, or go for a long walk.

Last but certainly not least; frame your life around this quote and you will see things start to change. “I won’t regret doing this, but I will regret not doing it” and put this into practice with every day things. Homework, making the bed, making kids lunch, deciding to cook dinner versus go out to eat…. Many times we think about how much we don’t want to do something for so long, that we could have completed the task in the time we were complaining about it.


Now I can’t say that these 4 things are going to change your entire life by any means, but I can say that they have definitely transformed mine. I am an anxiety laden perfectionist with a mean urge to procrastinate, and then freak out when things aren’t perfect. There is no exact science to getting your life together, but there are certainly things that help and hinder that process… But that will be my next blog.

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